WORLD RECORD: “412 Kills in 1 Game” | Fortnite Twitch Funny Moments #104


WORLD RECORD: 412 Kills in 1 Game | Fortnite Twitch Funny Moments #104
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50 thoughts on “WORLD RECORD: “412 Kills in 1 Game” | Fortnite Twitch Funny Moments #104

  1. Of course from the video you can tell we tried it a bunch of times and I moved closer and closer each time. If 412 kills is not the maximum, let everyone know what your highest is! We were not able to get more than what I have shown here.

  2. Omfg!!!!! You guys don’t get that many kills because you are using playground so it doesn’t count also because the players you are playing with in playgrounds let you kill them

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