Whomp ‘Em – Game Grumps


It’s time to whomp ’em. Wait… is this racist?
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42 thoughts on “Whomp ‘Em – Game Grumps

  1. "Hey let's play this incredibly racially charged game about a Native stereotype and put it on YouTube where people regularly get into arguments about religion, race, gender, and politics with little to no sources for what they're talking about and where discourse can last for days, even weeks."
    "Ok, that's a good idea" said no one ever, not even on accident

  2. It was originally a Journey to the West game that they just re sprited into something more recognizable to Americans. He had a staff, so they made it a spear, said he was native american and called it a day.

    Also, pressing select scrolls through powers you get from bosses like megaman.

  3. This episode was much better than the steam train or whatever one. They at least focused on the game a whole lot more. This game is incredibly hard to beat as the last weapon hurts you to use…. I played this all the time and the bosses get stronger if you fight them last, always did the bowling ball guy first because he was impossible at max health

  4. Hey guys, i dont speak for native north americans, as I'm native Amazonian-descended but i really love that you try to remain respectful with the jokes and all! And that you acknowledge the stereotypes and all! Its super considerate of you guys. A big reason I love watching your videos is that you guys are sweet and genuine! But also so crude and funny!❤

  5. "This game is racist."
    30 seconds later
    "Ah man, this guy(player character) is a badass!"

  6. Is it just me or was the audio slightly ahead of the video this episode? They seemed to be commenting on things they couldn’t possibly have seen and had time to respond to.

  7. As a native american I kinda forget how little most Americans know about the indigenous people. I'm not so much offended as I am just surprised with how much I know about how different various first nations are that I take for granted

  8. I'd argue this guy is one of the few strong native American protagonists we have in video games. There's nothing inherently offensive about native american culture in the game itself. The character just looks a little stereotypical is all (and yes, I know he's the Monkey King in the original game) but if he'd just been a white guy with a sword no one would have thought racism.

  9. arin dont get me wrong
    i love you
    you seem to be a bit of a weeaboo sjw
    now im cool with the weeaboo shit
    its not really that racist to have a charachter wear tribal looking clothes
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the hawawawwawawawawawwawwa sound is more of a stereotype imo still love

  10. I played this by stealing it from someone before Christmas. I was peeking at gifts and found it. Opened it like a surgeon and then put it back just the night before Christmas. It was a cool game.

  11. the sound theyre talking about has been used as a battlecry in many martial cultures theoughout the world, prominently in Africa and the Middle and Near East, but also for instance by ancient greeks.

  12. I believe the "Indian War Cry" was inspired heavily by the "Rebel Yell," from the American Civil War; they had a whooping, high-pitched scream that they would do during charges, both to scare the enemy and bolster their morale. You can find recordings of veterans doing it.

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