Ty Lue Postgame Interview – Game 1 | Cavaliers vs Celtics | May 13, 2018 | 2018 NBA Playoffs


Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics – Game 1 | Eastern Conf Finals | 2018 NBA Playoffs
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37 thoughts on “Ty Lue Postgame Interview – Game 1 | Cavaliers vs Celtics | May 13, 2018 | 2018 NBA Playoffs

  1. Yea coach why didn’t u call timeout seriously I watch brad call timeout team get up 3 lol shit he be up 20 see suttin he don’t like call timeout man …I see lue thought I’ll get away puttin t time in sit love when the foul shots came don’t need time out ,then brad inserts baynes ! I’m watching laughing at my coach gettin coached it’s tuff

  2. Lou been a weak coach all along any way! Whenever he wants to Challenge Lebrons he get a assistant to do it! Celtics in 5! Get the fuck outta here Cleveland and take Lou wit you

  3. I been saying it all year this idiot only got here because of LBJ. If Gilbert was smart he would fire Lue now and make Casey the coach for the rest of the series he doesn’t understand how rotations work

  4. Lol! C’mon! The Celtics didn’t play a “great” game, the Cavs just sucked as they have a tendency to do after playing an Exceptional game. If Lebron isn’t super human, the rest of the “team” 🙄 gets real shy & real Blind. Hope LBJ moves on.

  5. I blame this one on Lebron. He was trying to get his guys involved and for some reason they were missing shots maybe due to too much pressure. Lebron should have realized this earlier and decide to play bully ball, but didn't. Lead got up too high so their was no point trying to fight back. Let this one go and move onto the next game was their mentality going into the 4th. Still have Cavs winning in 5 or 6. Lebron is easily the best player on that floor and if he wants to he can turn it on so not worried

  6. HARDEN scored 12pts on 11%fg in a Playoffs game and Rockets won by 20.
    LEBRON just scored 15pts on 31%fg in a Playoffs game and Cavs lost by 25.

    Are y'all sure he doesn't need/deserve more help?

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