21 thoughts on “Tua Tagovailoa National Championship Post-game Interview Gives Glory To Jesus Christ

  1. A man who can humble himself and thank God and this team, now that’s a man. See you in heaven. You need to show everyone how to be humble and love God, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen ALL glory to God :):)

  2. Haaallelujah!! My Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ!! A young man in high places who's not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! Awwwwesomely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your Faith Brother! Jesus is the ONLY way!! To God be the Glory!!

  3. I have never ever seen a football player thank jesus when they loose only when they win.why doesnt anyone ever say ,i like to thank my imaginary friend for tripping me up on the 3 yard line and helping me loose the game lol.

  4. TUA "THE ALI'I WARRIOR" TAGOVAILOA, appropriately gave all THE GLORY TO Yeshua Ha Mashiach (God).  Very gutsy and humbling declaration.  Congratulation TUA and the rest of the ALABAMA warriors.  iNDEED, no doubt you are the NATIONAL CHAMP!!  Mahalo Nui Loa once again!!!

  5. Epic! How could this bright young man could have ever thought he would have been put in this position to be tested for the whole world to see in his young life. God is amazing and this young man just gave hope to many people that anything is possible with Christ at your side.

  6. The Lord desired to be glorified tonight and was honored by Tua. Amen brother, looking forward to seeing a warrior like you in eternity someday, you played amazingly. Christ is Lord.

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