Trump Booed By Fans Ahead Of Georgia – Alabama Football Championship Game


President Donald Trump was confronted by a booing crowd as his motorcade came into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Monday night prior to the college football national championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs.

39 thoughts on “Trump Booed By Fans Ahead Of Georgia – Alabama Football Championship Game

  1. You lying left wing mother fuckers. I was there! There was nothing but cheers inside the dome. There was not a single boo inside the dome. I told my friend, "The left wing nuts will not report the support for the president heard tonight." Not only did the left wing nuts not report the ovation Trump got, but, they are actually saying just the opposite. The left wing nuts are beyond lying.

  2. Fake news. Technically true; some fans did boo. About 3% of fans booed while 97% cheered. The motorcade received some boos due to the fact their was a rumor it was Obama. When they found out it was Trump most switched to cheers

  3. Hate is very stressful and stress usually attacks the back, so watch it, the back that is. It you were not drunk or smoking dope you would have heard the cheers.

  4. Now trumpsters are trying to convince themselves that everyone loves trump?

    It's one thing to say "many people cheered because while some hate him others really like him", but to actually pretend like he isn't the most disliked president in history is just being blind to the truth.

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