Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins – Apr. 14, 2018 | Game 2 | Stanley Cup 2018. Обзор


Обзор матча между Торонто Мейпл Лифс и Бостон Брюинз.
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins – Apr. 14, 2018 | Game 2 | Stanley Cup 2018
NHL tonight. Hockey tonight. NHL game tonight.

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48 thoughts on “Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins – Apr. 14, 2018 | Game 2 | Stanley Cup 2018. Обзор

  1. Ну чо, в очередной раз разбомбили "Торонто"… Пастрнак просто могуч ! Пока "Бостон" очень серьезную заявку делает на дальнейшую борьбу за Кубок Стэнли…

  2. Бостон невероятно крут!!! Самая титулованная команда НХЛ вновь будет с Кубком в этом году. Моя любимая команда в НХЛ!

  3. Young team, Anderson is bombarded regularly. Don’t make uneducated comments without reading the stats. Leafs D can’t break out of their own end to save their life… not to mention the horrid board passes that 9/10 times become scoring opportunities. The leafs are well ahead of their rebuild plan and by no means of the imagination should be a cup contender this year. However- next year will be a real statement to the league I believe.

    Don’t misconstrue my wording either. This is a team that net Boston 4 times in the regular season and won 3/4 so certainly it’s not a matter of skill. However anyone who knows this game knows playoffs are drastically different. So eat a dick up and get schooled in stats and realism of hockey before making amateur comments. 😀

  4. Babcock has been over-coaching since the start of the season. His love for certain players and scare tactics on others needs to end. Dermott is the best defensemen the Leafs have and Zaitzev has no place in the NHL. Put Leivo in the damn lineup. This team is way too soft for play-off hockey. Leivo is skilled and has grit needed for playoff hockey. Komarov is not an NHL hockey player. He may work hard but that doesn't cut it alone. He has no skill and can't keep up with the pace of the game.

  5. The Maple Quiffs look outclassed. Their goaltending is imploding and their defense is simply watching the play in their own zone. Stick a fork in 'em, they're done. They golf clubs will be out in a week or so.

  6. Good Job Bruins and where is all mighty Auston Matthews when the team needs him the most?Laine have done 2+1 in 2 games and he alrdy did 44 goals in regular season and only Ovie did more and still ppl saying that Matthews is alot better than Laine..Lets Go Bruins!

  7. Бостон находится в отличном игровом тонусе и невероятной игровой форме. Вот поэтому и такой результат.

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