THE ROOM 104 MYSTERY & THE DOLL MAKER. || Welcome To The Game 2


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20 thoughts on “THE ROOM 104 MYSTERY & THE DOLL MAKER. || Welcome To The Game 2

  1. Lol, for future reference, if you WANT to die by the breather, don’t just run up and down the alley. Leave and re-enter it because that is how he spawns. Also I wonder if his peeking isn’t good for combatting the breather, but more likely to get him killed? Seemed like he waited a long time in a previous video and got stabbed anyway, but he had his nose in the window the whole time so the breather waited by the dumpster. Aren’t you supposed to crouch down and listen/watch the door handle instead?

  2. Hi Ryan! Love your videos! Anyway after you finished subnautica you said you would continue making videos on it. I love what your doing right now but could you make a subnautica video soon? Love what your making!

  3. When you go in the room in the alley, don't peek, he won't show up. Just hug the door knob and wait 60 seconds, if you don't hear his footsteps he's not showing up and you can go

  4. Ryan idk if you know riskrim but he did the doll maker mission and completed it AND he did some certain thing to get a different ending I can’t quite remember what he did

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