The Rap Game: Season 4 Final Performances (Season 4, Episode 13) | Lifetime


The rappers each have one last chance to impress the crowd, JD, and his crew to win the chain and a record contract with So So Def in this collection of scenes from Season 4, Episode 13, “There Can Only Be One”. #TheRapGame

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The Rap Game
Season 4
Episode 13
There Can Only Be One

The next big rap star is about to be unleashed. On “The Rap Game,” five emerging young hip-hop artists are given the opportunity to rhyme and flow with highly sought-after producer Jermaine Dupri and special guests such as Usher, Ludacris, and Da Brat.

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29 thoughts on “The Rap Game: Season 4 Final Performances (Season 4, Episode 13) | Lifetime

  1. Street bud won this hands down!!! He has that So So Def look that swag. Every time he hit that stage it was something different and unique!!! He didn’t rap about the same stuff every time he hit the stage. He took every thing he was taught during The Rap game and utilize it. When you that stage you dance you liven up the crowd. Nobody else was doing that! Lil bri is boring, she don’t have swag or the stage presence. She rapped about the same stuff she never switch up. It just wasn’t nothing unique or special about her!

  2. Jd stilling got all tha dope Rap Game rappers touring with him, reppin SoSo Def. Chain or not. And I heard that Nova Didnt end up siging wihvJD and Mani isnt on tha label either.

  3. ricci and street was the most lit to me. I feel like everybody else didn't put in as much effort. I was expecting lil bri to win cause she had the bars and everything but like JD said she have a lot potential and she will go far. I knew from the beginning street was gone win he always put a lot of effort into everything he did. I'M GLAD HE WON. MY OPINION…

  4. Who'd win in a rap group:
    Winners: Mulatto, Mani, Nova, Street Bud
    2nd Place: Lil Niqo, Lil Key, Deetranada, Rapunzel
    3rd Place: Lyric, Nia Kay, Roscoe, Lil Bri
    4th Place: Peach, JI, Flau'jae, Jordan

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  6. Rapunzel's performance wasn't bad, it just wasn't as lit as the rest because the song isn't really a hype kinda song. But I think she was second and not Bri because of overall. Even though Bri never hit #5 she didn't really take the criticism JD gave her until the final episodes, where as Rapunzel took them throughout. When he fussed about her not bring aggressive the first week, she came back the next week and showed aggression in the Doug E. Fresh challenge. So I think he was looking at it from who is more moldable and who had more star power. Bri is the best rapper there but she didn't bring the performance element most of the time.

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