The Rap Game: “I Won” Music Videos with Keke Palmer (Season 4, Episode 9) | Lifetime


JD premieres the rappers’ finished music videos for Keke Palmer’s new song “I Win” in this collection of scenes from Season 4, Episode 9, “I Win”. TheRapGame

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The Rap Game
Season 4
Episode 9
I Win

The next big rap star is about to be unleashed. On “The Rap Game,” five emerging young hip-hop artists are given the opportunity to rhyme and flow with highly sought-after producer Jermaine Dupri and special guests such as Usher, Ludacris, and Da Brat.

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28 thoughts on “The Rap Game: “I Won” Music Videos with Keke Palmer (Season 4, Episode 9) | Lifetime

  1. I talked to Jordan air young before?, nova commented on my ten toes done challenge on ig, tally messaged me thanking me for the cartoon I made her and king Roscoe I talked to him too

  2. I feel like it comes down to Bri and Jordan. If ricci wins I will not be watching the show anymore . Jordan is like another nova so they should just pick bri honestly . She just needs to learn how to preform .

  3. Bri was good but she could have been better

    Ricci has an alright flow BUT only to certain beats anything else she raps too that doesn’t compliment her flow is TRASH

    Jordan is good nothing more nothing less

    Street bud is good but like Bri he could have done better

    Rapunzel had one of the best verse

    Honestly I think street bud or Jordan is going to win

  4. I think if jordan did not get that music video it should have been lil bri because of the things she was saying in her verse but to me it was a tie in my opinion because if i could make the hit-list I would say a tie with lil bri and Rapunzel

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