The Game Pulls Up To 50 Cent and James Harden Day Party


The Game at James Harden 50 Cent Day Party
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41 thoughts on “The Game Pulls Up To 50 Cent and James Harden Day Party

  1. Game like David Ruffin and shit keep popping up like nigga u gone let me back on the unit u let Buck back looking ass nigga I finally realized Game is a fucking clown used to have bars Dammm Homie then u start sending shots at every body 50 was beefing subliminally trying to do little ho shit NIGGA YOOZA HOE AND U ANYWAYS WANTED TO BE FUCKING KARDASHIAN SWEET CHEEKS

  2. I wanna see that G-Unit reunion with Game. Produced by Dr Dre and Eminem. Fuck The haters Game see's what's best for business. It would help them both. Y'all hating but if they made a track you hop on the band wagon real quick.

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