The Death Of The “Complete” Video Game


The beautiful and unsettling dilemma of complete video games
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46 thoughts on “The Death Of The “Complete” Video Game

  1. I literally had this discussion with a coworker yesterday and I can’t not agree more. The thing the industry isn’t understanding is those games that became great and will always be our favorites will be complete packaged games. You earned my sub sir.

  2. Detroit should be complete out of the box. I hope people support great, complete games like that, free of ulterior motives (should be). That's what I look for aside from personal taste, just a great, relatively clean game.

  3. MObile smartphone games is what is destroying these games. that stuff went unabated in the mobile app market place. now they are bringing it to consoles

  4. After playing all Souls games( and DLC to those games) I can easy say that there is still hope for triple A full complete games with great post release DLC content. Small chance that EA and others will change their business practices and mind but I can easy say that there are still developers, both small and big that are worth of our money. Remember: vote with your wallet.

  5. Titanfall 2 was one of those games – no pay to win, no grind to win, free DLCs and developers that actually listen to the community.
    Now EA bough Respawn Entertainment and fans can only pray the series won't turn into another Battlefront.

  6. It's just time to look deeper. There are so many unique and high quality games coming out every month. I really couldn't care less about EA or Ubisoft anymore. In fact: What was the last really REALLY good EA title you remember? There are just better games, without any scam. I am currently playing Bloodborne and the Souls games again and I am having a blast!

  7. We should address the fact that we see: Western greedy large corporation that want to use monopoly tactics to increase profits against non western publishers that still make complete games.

    This year more then ever we see the difference​ between western AAA games that are SJW against non western that are about making fun games.

  8. It’s a sad situation really. I asked myself the questions you’ve raised at the beginning of this video – the truth is that if I used these as a criteria for making a game purchase I won’t buy anything at all because the market is so densely polluted with incomplete games. This year I’ve only made three purchases – RE7, NieR Automata and Injustice 2. The rest of the games I just could not bring myself to purchase them… the season passes and DLCs are too much.
    Anyways, I love your channel – the videos are very informative.

  9. I have looked at all of my strategy games for PC only, there were 19 different games, and only 4 of them had no expansions or DLC, games like Sid Meier's Railroads (Remastered) and Minecraft, PC version only and not counting mods that I used often, Banished and Northgard were the ONLY 4 games on the list that had no purchaseable expansions or DLC, only unofficial mods that again, does not count. 15 games on that list have expansions. Even The Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom has 4 DLCs, but I think they were made after the game was initially released, not cut purposely.

  10. I have no interest in any upcoming AAA games because of that. Games are now tailor made, focus tested, soulless products. The only AAA games from 2016/17 I played were Prey, Titanfall 2 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I played Half-Life 2 in spring of last year and It has become one of my favourite games ever. I'm excited for smaller games. Indie games with fun gameplay, interesting concepts or cool stories.

  11. Literally the last 25 videos u have done are constantly bringing down or saying negative bullshit about it, ye sure some games like cod and the loot boxes in battlefront 2 was bad, but there are still good games and positive topics to talk about, so please stop bitching .

  12. I would gladly, GLADLY take a $10 or $20 jump in sticker price if the game was COMPLETE out of the box. Make DLCs playable too. I have no issue downloading content like on Steam or the PS store…it saves on gas.

    I loved when I was a kid with my Sega at Christmas. I'd get a game and I got the WHOLE thing. If I didn't see something in it, it was my fault. This is one of a few reasons why I quit consoles years ago. I play some PC stuff…but usually older titles…because they are FINISHED PRODUCTS!

  13. Game Companies get away with this because the consumer allows it. Look how may games get bitched about all the way up to release, only to sell 500$ million when it releases. Look at the new Star Wars. EVERYONE complained about how horrible all of it was yet it sold enough copies that it is guaranteed that the next one will follow suit. Maybe skip a horrible game now and then?

  14. Don't worry, market will heal itself as always, micro transaction and half ready games can make profit in the short run but in a long run they will alienate the consumers, look at Ubisoft, only couple of years back their games were hits making tons of money thanks to deceptive trailers, now look at Watch Dogs 2 sales, nobody bought it because people lost their trust in Ubisoft, whilst Rockstars having reputation of honest developer made one billion in three days of GTA 5 selling, just wait and you'll see EA will either change or go out of business

  15. I'm so sad wolfenstein 2 has fallen in the same pit. I was planning to buy that game day one, but didn't because of school and a lack of free time. My friend did buy the game and warned me about its flaws, telling me "What I got was not what was promised". He told me the game is a fun experience but it isn't worth full price. What do you guy's think.

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