The Best Game SINCE UNDERTALE?! | Heartbound


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Today we’re playing the HEARTBOUND demo! This Undertale-inspired game comes out next year, but I couldn’t wait til then to test it out. Join Steph and I as we explore the world of Heartbound on today’s stream!

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40 thoughts on “The Best Game SINCE UNDERTALE?! | Heartbound

  1. Is it just me or is the writing for this game essentially terrible. The character's are flat and uninteresting. Main character is edgy and unrelatable. Everyone's got strange names and the dialogue feels off. What do you guys think? Everyone seems to compare this to Undertale, but Undertale's saving grace was its writing in my opinion. I'll give the game this much though, the artwork is pretty decent (a bit too exaggerated idle animations and the style is a bit too tumblr-ish for my taste) What are your thoughts on this?

  2. as stated before this IS NOT undertale nor should it bee seen as a competitor as they are very different experiences and as undertale trash i know this may be an unpopular opinion but no this is not an undertale rip off, in my opinion it would be MUCH MORE LIKELY (still unlikely given the time to create a game) that this style was using to bring people who like a story based experience into the game.(though as stated i dont really think this is even the case or if it is it was a last second thought)

  3. Art – Of course Heartbound wins.

    But until the full game is out, I'm still saying Undertale is better. The story, the easter eggs, the gameplay, the music. I guess we'll wait for the full game.

  4. so what i think about the creepy voice and glitching dialogue is that when the dad(or whatever) told him to take out the trash something or someone changed the dialogue to MAKE him go outside. also, the voice was more positive than before it glitched like as if it was trying to get you to follow or trust it. Also with the changing personalities I think that it had something to do with him being 'different' (like not human) or like Mat said darkside taking over.

  5. Isn't the only thing you have to do to get the golden ending (in more ways that one) is to feed Baron the Viking's feast, never pick up the axe, and on the final blow of the final boss fight, deliberately miss (hit outside the grey bar) after the glitch voice tells you at 17:05 "Don't hold back."?

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