The Actual Best Spider-Man Game


This one is for you, Steve

Thanks to Chase and the boys at Gamers Inc. for hooking me up with a copy of the game!




42 thoughts on “The Actual Best Spider-Man Game

  1. PS1 all the way. I think it was possibly the first video game I ever played…in my life.

    I agree, the story and characters and how they interact is amazing. I do believe however that a New York open sandbox that allows you to stop criminals is essential though, because he is the, "friendly neighborhood," Spiderman.
    If you could smash a sandbox that's not overly convoluted and a story that's amazing like this together, huzzah you got yourself a perfect Spiderman game.

  2. Right. On. My dude. This game kicks some serious ass, i also used to play it non stop in my childhood. My favorite spider-man games are the one you talked about, Spider-man 2 on the PS2 and Maximum Carnage on the Super Nintendo

  3. I never got to play the full version of this game, but I replayed the demo several times because I loved it. In fact, that part of Stan Lee's narration you should us was from the demo.

  4. Big respect for preferring linear levels over open worlds that just put distance between the actual missions. My favorite Spider games are this one and Shattered Dimensions because of this.

  5. For me, it's still Shattered Dimensions. The gimmick of four Spideys to play as really got me. And it had linear levels which is something I also liked in a Spider-Man game. And to top it off, it introduced me to my favorite incarnation of Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir.

  6. Heck yeah! I had this game on the N64, I loved it. You're kind of right about the world, characters, and the story in this game and it being lacking in more modern games. There was a charm and love to this game that most Spidey games since just don't have.

  7. I remember playing this and loving it. But I really loved the PS2 #2 ability to free swing around the city.

    Totally agree with you about alt costumes thought. If that and comic book covers were added to SM2, that game would be perfect.

  8. Spiderman (PS1) was the game that really introduced me to Spiderman and his world. It will always stick with me.
    I also really liked the first movie's game from 2002. It had the linear style of play that you mentioned here and it worked on many levels.
    I really hope that the forthcoming Spiderman game is worth it.

  9. Loved this game like hell when it came out. Probably as much as MGS1 😂
    Didn't finish the sequel mostly because my copy hat scratches and would glitch out. The first movie game was pretty good and I loved how some of the villains (scorpion) looked like in this game. Made it almost feel like a prequel. The Spider-Man 2 game I actually finished and had the best bet swinging mechanic and some other nice pseudo-prequel moments, but after that I always got bored (USM, SM3) and ultimately stopped picking up spidery games. But this one was truly special.

  10. When the video started, I thought, man if he doesn't pick Spiderman for the ps1 I'm gonna be pissed! Haha Definitely agree with you. It was the first Spidey game I played and the only other Spiderman games I really enjoyed was Spiderman 2 on PS1 and Ultimate Spiderman. I wish they'd make another linear Spiderman game.

  11. I love Web of Shadows (because of the black suit, the choices and ofc BLACK CAT) but this will always be my all time favorite spidey game (maybe until Insomniac proves me wrong)

  12. Personally i love ps1 era spiderman games, 1 and enter electro are probably still the best next to shattered dimensions to me, mostly because i think the linear elements behind those games helped them out in delivering a story. Like my issue with the open world games is as you phrased it, you’ve got alot of side missions that act as filler for the mainstory, which means that the story is an afterthought in some of the open world games. Anyways sorry for the rant, PS1 era games were the best hands down.

  13. YES, the 2 spiderman games on ps1 are the best ones cause are cartoony, are close to the CLASSIC spiderman comics and just fun, the only problem with this game is the controls sometimes are hard to control well

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