Stephen Curry & Draymond Green Postgame interview | NBA Finals Game 3


Stephen Curry and Draymond Green speak with the media after a 110 – 102 Game 3 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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27 thoughts on “Stephen Curry & Draymond Green Postgame interview | NBA Finals Game 3

  1. There's a difference between just playing Iso and playing iso in the flow of the game. KD still made some great passes to Iggy and rebounded well. You can't just play Iso and float throughout the game. You could say that Kerr was having KD running a form of the Triangle offense since everyone was relatively cold tonight MJ-esque performance with the dagger three from the same spot LBJ didn't want apart of that moment again.

  2. Man cavs is so gonna win game 4. I find it kinda disrespectful, on how these people are asking Green and Curry about other players, such as KD. Like if you agree, if not, feel free to comment on this comment👍

  3. And all the pathetic groupies of the rich spoiled class "athlete's" are all butthurt about hearing the truth. You're just a sad bunch of groupies stroking spoiled kids egos while they make millions for playing a child's game. Grow the fuck up people. Or are you to weak inside to stand on your own and alone. Land of the spineless groupies… how sad for America and it's Veterans, all that died, just to protect spineless,mindless money whore groupies.

  4. These boys were already Gucci before Durant but at the end of the day it's LeBron's fault for beating the Warriors from a 3-1 deficit that they had to call up Durant just to Make sure that it don't happen again lol bringing in Durant just made GS deadly af too much firepower

  5. More candy ass rich kids acting all important playing a child's game. Pathetic how "adults" pander like groupies over rich spoiled brats. Totally spineless and of no constitution on the inside. Truly pathetic excuses for "men".

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