Stephen A. challenges Isiah Thomas saying JR Smith ‘bounced back’ in Game 3 | First Take | ESPN


First Take’s Stephen A. Smith challenges Isiah Thomas for saying JR Smith “bounced back” in Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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48 thoughts on “Stephen A. challenges Isiah Thomas saying JR Smith ‘bounced back’ in Game 3 | First Take | ESPN

  1. Lebrun proven today he is more like wilt than near to Jordan…. just look at the cav’s system compared to the warriors… one is free flowing and another is iso relying… one can toughen a defence immediately after unable to do so unless lots of luck… Lebrun never will be top 3… disrespect to the greats who completely got it done.

  2. Stephen A Smith exists to promote himself and the number of stupid people supporting this stupid man is utterly disgusting. It's awful that none of you are really basketball fans; you're in this to support the fucking front runner because you believe in 'personality;' it's disgusting to me.

    Stephen A Smith is on some bullshit the man literally speaks in a way that tells you he loves lying yet none of you seem to give a fuck; imagine if this man was in any other position than sports; I guess thats not fair but ask yourself ie if SAS was attacking a player like your person of the year…

    The only thing I really wann say is he's despicable

  3. No u not, not the same team as the one he first took to the finals. this team got kevin love a all star. Without LBJ. Kevin love played ball in Minnesota. Be's ask to just be a big that can shoot here in the Land. That's not his game at all so he finds it hard to get in rhythm. Kyrie Irving Point proof pay him more money realize he's the star LBJ is the old fading star. Give him his credit. He ain't just make a big shot he a big reason why they got there aswell as LBJ

  4. Personally i feel lebron should non stop attack the basketball get everyone in foup trouble in first 2 quarters score 40 n first half lebron scored 20 something in first quarter in the playoffs before so i know he can do it he just needs to score fuck passing go Kobe mode n score 81 n pass the ball only when there are back doors n easy alley oops just go n score lebron all every body needs to do is play good defense n leave scoring to lebron just non stop attack drive to basket

  5. LeBron played with 3 different sets of teammates and they always say he don't have a team…. maybe it's time to recognize it's his style of play that's the problem…. LeBron is a 6 foot 9 forward that runs point guard position thattakes more shots than the shooting guard and grand more rebounds than the center while also trying to get more assist than the team…… you wanna do everybody else job so you can get all the credit…. WHELP is gonna come at a cost of winning…… golden state no egos team ball style will win

  6. Backups did play good! Every time Cavs would be up by 10, James would miss 4 to 5 easy layups where they could've went up by like 20. James kept killing momemntum! James need to man up and just do his damn job! Should've had 50 last night, I know Jordan or Kolde would've had it…

  7. This lets me know if KD grew some chest hair an stayed in OKC he would of definitely beat the warriors and I believe he would be in the same position he is now with a ring about to get a second one and it would of looked a lot better on his bb resume.

  8. sitting that overrated ass man LeBron James will choke I'd would want LeBron James talking the last clutch shot instead of Kevin love who's a better more reliable clutch shooter he's no Michel Jordon we never will Kevin Durant is a better athlete and more reliable player James plays like he's running for a first down with the Cleveland browns and that's his signature move up the middle third and five now he needs another team to carry him he's nothing near Jordan period

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