Steph Curry & Iguodala Postgame interview | Warriors vs Cavs Game 4 | June 8, 2018 | NBA Finals


Steph Curry & Iguodala Postgame interview | June 8 2018, 6/8 NBA Playoffs, NBA Finals 2018

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39 thoughts on “Steph Curry & Iguodala Postgame interview | Warriors vs Cavs Game 4 | June 8, 2018 | NBA Finals

  1. Scott Van Punk is a bitch. What the fuck did he mean it's OK if you eat popcorn. If I was in that situation I would of said Oh yeah I know it's perfectly fine eat popcorn and Scott to tell you the I wasn't looking nor do I need you're permission to have a snack after a entire season… Fucking moron bro get over yourself bald head unathletic bitch

  2. What I've been trying to tell people….that Iggy is more important than any other player in the NBA. Not Chris Paul, Not LeFlop or LeCryBaby, anyone. Everyone is irrelevant. If Iggy plays the Dubs are UNBEATABLE! Of course, Lebron etal are better players but when Iggy plays the Warriors can't be beat. Without him, they are great but beatable, with him…..INVINCIBLE!

  3. nigga said he was the piece that will get them to the next level…man that boy be trippin…gtfoh with that shit…they be fine without you fool….u let that bs FMVP get to yo head…smh

  4. I think it's very special this year 😀 because you won in the birth state of Lebron 😀 and i think it's easier this year because it's just in the 4th game! Hats off!!!

  5. This team gets so much trap. But they have built thru the draft. Best team in history thru building thru the draft. They r gonna b amazing as long as they all stay. Bell and Looney were huge for them, Steph was the mvp. Co mvp at the least

  6. If Draymond wasn't suspended, this could have been a 4-peat for the Warriors. With all four of their stars still in their prime, this is a dynasty in the making. The question is whether Curry and the crew will stay hungry and beat off the likes of Rockets, Celtics, 76ers, Jazz, etc who are gunning for them.

  7. lebron is leaving, ty lue getting fired, casey getting hired by cavs. theres no superstar elite in this league remaining to join cavs. Kyrie is true to boston, durant, curry, draymond, klay all true to their team.. Rocket superstars like where they are. lebron is stuck if he stays here with useless players who can hoop but can't hoop under pressure.

    JR lost the series LOL, cavs now prolly in the last few playoff spots in the eastern conference next year.

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