Stardew Valley: Farm Grumps – PART 1 – Game Grumps


Arin and Dan begin the journey to nourish their souls through farmwork.
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28 thoughts on “Stardew Valley: Farm Grumps – PART 1 – Game Grumps

  1. "I wish life was this easy, you just get off a bus and you have a house and everything"
    That's called communism, Arin. Please don't tell the children it's a good idea. It really isn't.

  2. god i wish danny were playing instead of arin. this is exactly the sort of game that arin always fucks up. detail-oriented, time-management, best played with a tip guide so it doesn't take you two years to figure out that hoeing up the worms gives you artifacts.

  3. "I don't know anything about this game, so I'm going to randomly play it." You know, I think it's about time Arin and Dan start doing research about certain games before they play them on Game Grumps. They played Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door completely on a whim, and now people are STILL demanding it's return. And honestly, I feel like they've started too many fun playthroughs as of late, they can't possibly go back to them all. I mean, Cuphead's first episode alone managed to break 1 million vieews within a week yet they STILL didn't go back to it, yet Leisure Suit Larry, a series whose first episode is a mere 800,000 views, gets declared a "surprise hit" and top priority, apparently. And that's not counting other games like Zelda's Adventure, the Super Mario Bros. 3: No Touch playthrough, A Hat in Time, Contra III: The Alien Wars (Arin said he'd go back to it, and I don't want Dan to have the last laugh when it comes to that game), Dog Island, and now Super Mario Odyssey! It's a disaster, how can I be invested in anything they do if they can't stick to a game until the end? And for those of you who come in saying "watch Game Grumps for what they say, not the games", then why not do away with the games completely and just be a podcast-type show? Why bother having a Let's Play channel if we're not expected to be at least remotely interested in what they're playing? #NoMoreLovelies #SaltySamsAhoy

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