Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review Discussion – Game Scoop! 460


This week we’re discussing Star Wars Battlefront 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Doki Doki Literature Club, and more.

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49 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review Discussion – Game Scoop! 460

  1. I recently come back to gaming news and 2017 is not a game for micro transactions start of the year we got For Honor that look like awesome games but controversy with insane micro transactions and it quickly be forgotten . Now at the end of the year we got EA controversy and bravo to gaming community to stand up again to fight this trend.

  2. The Battlefront 2 story does a really good job tying together much of the new canon material. The mission you play as Han is a tie in to the 2nd Aftermath novel. Leia on Naboo ties directly to the Shattered Empire comic. I do think that the story writers were forced to throw these characters into the story but I am glad that Mitch and the team was able to do it with the new canon. I hope the free story dlc continues Iden's story and only her story.

  3. I just love how even the "PC" guy tries to downplay what the Xbox One X does compared to the PS4 Pro and PC games compared to playing "real 4K gaming"….if you don't even try it out then you can' talk about what it can or can't do…give me a break! Biased much…lol

  4. The marathon twenty questions sounds like a lot of fun. However I would suggest you put the easy ones first so you don't spend 100 questions on the first game. A ramping difficulty could also build tension.

  5. Well, the original Spelunky did get a version with multiplayer on it. It is called Spelunky SD. I don't know if it is official or not, but I know that I had so much more fun with it than with the HD version. The graphics are in pixel art and there is not many levels compared to the HD, but the game plays so much better for me. And the best part is the the multiplayer is LAN, so I can go all the way down to the exit while the other player explore the level as he wants, since the characters aren't sharing the screen.

  6. I think it`s very important to give a strong sign against the bullshit ea is trying to force on us. On the other side i feel bad for all the people who clearly put a lot of effort in making this game, to see it at an avarage below 70%… I also hate the progression system, but other than that i think battlefront 2 is a really fantastic game.

  7. I always appreciate how Daemon changes things up/adds in new segments like the Game Scoop Book Club and Nintendo Power retro browsing. Keeps the show refreshing and entertaining. Excellent work y'all!

  8. My son uses amiibo and stuff and I just don’t I think it’s best of both worlds . Sometimes just use whatever cause it’s supposed to be fun and there’s too many games to be Dicking around for weeks looking for a purple coin . To each their own I don’t consider it cheating though

  9. Sam was very rude when Dan was trying to describe his PC setup. It's one thing to make a friendly joke, but he interrupted Dan several times and didn't let him finish his sentence. If he did that to a female coworker he would probably get accused of sexual harassment. Just look how carefully does he listen to that blue girl, he's not allowed to say a word.

  10. I think you should try to get a female on the show every week and change the format to 5 hosts instead of 4. Also, Dan goes on way too long regarding the BF2 drama, like…. we get it. I know he's the reviews editor but Daemon you're the main host, you should have kept the conversation moving along. If it was anyone else you would have.

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