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Episode 218 – Sometimes life doesn’t let you sit down with a game that requires 480 hours of grinding just to get past the first boss. And sometimes you just want a quick game fix on more modern systems. Here’s a few we recommend you check out for those times.

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27 thoughts on “Short but Fun Games – Game Sack

  1. Short and Sweet is they best way to get that satisfaction………… I dont like moving back and forth to much, I just like that feeling I was looking for when i started (^.^) lol

  2. I was so sure this was a reupload because the topic was so familiar, then I remembered I was googling "best short games" a few late nights ago lol. Well done, you read my zombified mind! 👌

  3. That's not Solid Snake in Ground Zeroes. It's most likely Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3, who goes on to be known as Big Boss. That puts this game before MGS 1, so it's another in the "prequel series".

  4. I dont remember if it was DLC or on the actual discs, but I am surprised you guys didnt mention that Ground Zero has a different bonus mode included between the PS and Xbox versions of the game, including one where you hunt down the androids from Snatcher.

    Short Peace on the PS3 and The Swapper on PS4 are both good, modern short games.

    Firewatch is going to be getting another re-release for the Switch by the way.

  5. Cod wwii, is one the perfect examples of an insane unpleasible fanbase. You have all the games set mid 20th century. Quality is consistent, then comes the inevitable "it's the same, now it sucks", so they change it and try different settings and this may be well received at first or for a while and then comes the vocal crowd now saying "they changed it now it sucks" or another crowd that yields the same original argument "it's the same now it sucks". So what does the developer do? Do a 180 and go backwards and suddenly it loved or well received again. All the nostalgia clouds bursting from ass to mouth giving them those good vibes. And all is well until the cycle once again repeats.

    Other examples of the same kind of or variation of the great unpleasible fanbase.
    Mega Man
    Resident Evil
    Final Fantasy
    Feel free to insert your own.

  6. Marvel Vs. Capcom infinite for the PS4's story mode was over way too fast for me. I don't know why either. With other fighting games like Soul Caliber 2's Weapon Master it went on but you felt like you completed stuff the more missions you beat. But the one game I was very happy with Playtime wise was Nights into Dreams. All the stages feel the right length and I beat it in four hours according to Steam. I'd recommend that game to everyone.

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