48 thoughts on “San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors Game 1: April 14, 2018

  1. I don't know what u guys c I c a team that moves the ball Gus Williams, DJ Johnson, Dwn. Town Freddy Brown, LONNY SHELTON 1 of the best ball movement teams they hit the boards play team defense & Steve dosen't have to manage PRIMO DONNAS. THEY JUST HAVE THE MOST SUPERIOR TEAM CHEMISTRY N THE LEAGUE THAT'S ALL

  2. One of many problem that SA have facing the Warriors. San Antonio’s just doesn’t have the fire 🔥 power to deal with the Warriors in the playoffs.

  3. This is what the Spurs do best, they take a playoff spot from a more deserving team just to be swept yet again by Golden State no wonder why Kawhi wants to leave. The Spurs will never become a great team again unless they cut their old veterans but Pop don't have the guts to do it. Manu Ginobili is already asking his wife if he should retire and walk away from millions, I wonder what she will say….

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