S8 Spoilers: Mysterious Meeting With Two Main Characters! – Game of Thrones Season 8


Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Update Video. The Spoilers are finally starting to come out and they didn’t disappoint yesterday when they revealed Jon Snow arriving in King’s Landing. Since then more photos have came out and this time they show Cersei Lannister and Jon Snow together in the streets of King’s Landing. It’s still unclear as to why Jon Snow is there but I think everyone can make a few good guesses. This second meeting was inevitable in my opinion. With the Night King coming down from The Wall it’s just a matter of time before he reaches Winterfell and attacks the Stark’s Home. Photos have came out showing Winterfell on fire with over 200 soldiers fighting outside the walls. After Winterfell burns the Starks may have to flee south to King’s Landing and ask Cersei for help. Another option is Jon Snow & Co. defeat the Night King in Winterfell and they head south anyway to remove Cersei Lannister from King’s Landing. After all Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne now that we know he is a legitimate Targaryen. Plus Daenerys Targaryen wants the Iron Throne for herself anyway. Either way Cersei will have to be dealt with and if Daenerys Targaryen’s vision from the House of the Undying comes true we should see King’s Landing fall.. Let me know what you think will happen next season. Put your thoughts and questions down below. Thanks for watching!

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23 thoughts on “S8 Spoilers: Mysterious Meeting With Two Main Characters! – Game of Thrones Season 8

  1. Best GOT channel by far👌 what about Old Nan? How many of her seemingly incoherent ramblings have come to fruition; I’m specifically interested in the ‘living in the eye of a blue-eyed giant named Macumber” theory- we’ve heard it disregarded from both Rob and Oberyn, and I can’t help but feel that the scene of the wights marching and the zoom into the giants blue eye is some kind of foreshadowing. It could even be symbolism of the Night Kings greensight ability in that he is a powerful ‘giant’ with the events of the perceivable world in his vision- just tin-foiling at this point. I’d love to hear some of your comments on her not-so-crazy tales!

  2. I think Jon is there to confront Cersei in King’s Landing because the weather is not winter or any snow there from the pictures of season 8. Which could mean that the Great War is done and the Night King is probably defeated, dead. I could be wrong about it but I have a good feeling about my thoughts of this. Thanks for uploading.

  3. Dany dies during birth. Arya and Gendry get House Baratheon, Sansa, or Sansa & Bran get Winterfell. Sam gets house Tully. Tyrion gets House Lannister. Bron gets Dorn. Arya kills Cersei. Yara gets Greyjoy/Iron Islands. Jaime dies in battle saving Brienne or Bran. Brienne gets High Garden. Sandor slays his brother in Clegane bowl. Jon is the single father bachelor of the century. The End.

  4. Two thoughts… (1). there is speculation going around as to whether or not Tyrion made any off camera promises to Cersei to get her to “commit” to Dany (which she obviously didn’t mean). The first scene you showed in this video mentioned traps. Well I think Tyrion DID lay a trap forCersei. A trap that Dany put into his head. What if Tyrion told Cersei to just come back out and make an empty promise of aide, so that she could instead take back the rest of the kingdoms while Jon Dany and the north battle the dead… but hear me out!!! Tyrion does this NOT for Cersei, but instead does it so that Jaime can finally see the light of day in Cersei ‘s self centered and evil ways. So that Jaime will finally leave her and be the man he was meant to be… Jaime has an excellent military mind that is much more valuable to Jon and the north than anywhere else.
    (2). Remember when Tyrion designed the saddle for Bran so that he could ride a horse? Why did we need that scene? We never saw Bran on a horse by himself in 7 seasons. But there is VERY little in this plot that has EVER been a throw away scene. Foreshadowing tells me that Bran WILL fly…. a dragon. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have to ride because someone else no longer can (bittersweet theory)

  5. You’re good at investing I truly enjoy your videos but what if little finger is alive and a faceless man took his place? It’s an interesting theory that sounds plausible.

  6. Great vid!!! "crazy idea" What if the fire at Winterfell is out of control dragon fire, while Gendry is makin Valerian Steele swords…..lol Thx fr Winnipeg "Winterpeg"..[.-40 celius this Monday]Canada Thx 4 all ur hard work! Lots of Luv

  7. I think it's Bran warging into Rhaegal that destroys King's Landing. In his vision, we see the shadow of the dragon in the sky. The only way for Bran to see the dragon's shadow and not see the dragon is if he is the dragon. Plus, they say a million times that he will fly. Also, Dany doesn't touch the throne because it's no longer there, she has a greater calling. The bittersweet ending may be that no one takes the throne.

  8. So just a thought, after the war against the dead. Do you think, because everyone has lost so many people, they might just do a seven on seven fight for the throne? Cerseis and Danny will pick their champions to fight, winner take all. This mean we could see everyone's favorites fight and it would be the bittersweet ending GoT deserves.

  9. OK, there are 2 forces to deal with, and 2 episodes with a battle so who will get dealt with first? I can see it playing out both ways really, Perhaps Cersei needs to be dealt with first so they can have the grand force to deal with the NK (which is why Jon is in KL) With Jamie heading north he may have insight about Cersei to help the North. It seems to me that all this really comes down to the Living and the Dead in the end. Great Vid keep up the great job!!!

  10. Love your videos! Wondered if anyone noticed this foreshadowing. When Cersei was speaking with the guy from the iron bank, there was a shot of both of them from behind with map in the background. Cersei was where Kings Landing is and the other guy was where Winterfell was. They were talking about the golden company and their alliances. Could the golden Company actually turn against Cersei and side with the north? You might look at that one agsin

  11. Look at her stomach in the vision. You only see side takes and one shot shaded when she's seen from the front. Then as she's walking towards the throne you can see her belly. Maybe I'm seeing things

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