50 thoughts on “Ross’s Game Dungeon: The Crew

  1. I’m a little shocked you did a Fourth of July episode without showing off Boston. But that’s alright. I loved the video. I’m one of the idiots who picked the game up for free two years ago guess I should play it.

  2. I am 200% sure the next game Ross reviews will be Detroit: Become Human, since he apologized for not doing a story game and mentioned Detroit at the end of the video where he usually gives a hint for the next one. Check. Mate!

  3. I got The Crew for free and I dropped it for the one reason I didn't pick it up in the first place. Part RNG. The newer NFS do this and whoever thinks it's a good idea needs to be hit.
    I shouldn't have to gamble to get the best parts. TBH I think there should be no locks on parts in racing games. Think of what store wouldn't sell something to someone because they weren't famous enough. But I mean some people find that hurts a feeling of Progression, IDK. If a dev wants to include some some kinda bonus for certain parts, have a part synergy where brand A+C+A performs better on a car then any combo, and C+B+B works better on a different car. But the card thing needs to stop.

  4. "Loading screen" starups, Surviving Mars only has two, and they can be skipped, but get this. It takes *TWO CLICKS* to skip each one. The first click just shows a small notification that you can "click to skip." And that's pretty damn egregious IMO.

  5. I find it to be a gross over site to not have my hometown, Indianapolis, featured in a racing game that has all of the U.S. in it. I mean this is the racing capital of the world.

  6. I dislike the basic concept everybody seems to have about racing games not requiring a story. I mean I love racing. I do appreciate even endurance racing… but that's not enough and to ,me that alone is dry af. I loved Most Wanted for giving me something to work for, I did not appreciate earning followers for my virtual youtube channel in Racedriver Grid 2. I hated this story and I think racing games deserve better. Then I don't love the giant map in the Crew, it's bland, looks undetailed and heartless. TDU 1 and 2 were on the edge of that too, but they had serviceable handling and overall fun gameplay going for them… and it's fucking 10 years later by now. Then there is the rubberbanding in this game, that and this bs when the race wants you to be in first place for over 90% of it's duration. Overtaking is fun, leading the pack for 15 minutes isn't. It needs more competitors per race and better balancing.

  7. No background on the game title? Bummer. But more importantly, glad to see you updating again, Ross! Hopefully means your living situation has improved. We missed you!

  8. Loved this RGD. Enjoyed seeing a pretty well captured DC, though I should point out that while most famous landmarks that we call monuments are actually memorials, including Lincoln, Jefferson, FDR, and MLK, the obelisk representing Washington is actually the one landmark in DC that is actually a "Monument" NOT a memorial. Just thought it was funny that Ross went out of his way to call the Washington Monument "Memorial" and if it was any other so called "Monument," he'd be right, but that one is actually a Monument. Oh, and what gives with not showing us Boston? We could've checked out the Harbor, the North End, Back Bay!

  9. yeah, sounds like a Ubisoft game. Massive open world game with uninspired gameplay and thoughtless story shoehorned in.

    Ross, try Dynasaty Warriors 9. That game also has a huge open world, but it sucks ass. No Man's Sky has got to be the biggest game world, but go ahead and try to tell me the gameplay loop is a thrilling experience that anyone can enjoy. Scale doesn't mean jack shit for the quality of a game. It just means the developers need much more content to fill it. And it is the quality of that content that makes or breaks the game's enjoyability. Big =/= well made. That being said, they obviously didn't just procedurally generate the United States (I would assume) so the level designers still deserve credit for their hard work.

  10. The amount of air traffic in this game is absolutely bonkers. Either all of those pilots are hard core, Reagan didn't kill the Air Traffic Controller's Union, or the ending of Season 5 of Breaking Bad must happen in this game a lot.

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