Rocksteady’s Next Game Has Been Superman All Along


After years of speculation, rumours and leaks, a more detailed one has supplied not only concept art, but a breakdown of gameplay features for Rocksteady’s Superman game. With Suicide Squad’s game being canned, Rocksteady’s Superman will apparently kickstart a multiplayer shared universe that will eventually include the entire Justice League.


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25 thoughts on “Rocksteady’s Next Game Has Been Superman All Along

  1. They shouldn’t depower him throw him opponents that can challenge him he has a large roster that are world to universal threat esque hell it doesn’t even have to take place on earth could take place on war world

  2. There was a time where we thought that Batman would never have a great game (I actually really enjoyed Batman Vengeance), and that was turned on its head.
    I think that it's doable with a Superman title. But like Arkham, if it doesn't have a cool rogues gallery, that could spoil some of the fun.

  3. If there is a superman game i hope the game is more colorful and sticks to a truth justice and the american way theme. Similar how they gave Arkham a dark theme

  4. This is a rumour, Its impossible to make a superman game that people will actually enjoy, unless he's powered down the whole game due to Kryptonite and has to work he's way up.

    And if he's powered down its not Superman.

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