RICK REACTS: Game of Thrones 6×9 “Battle of the Bastards”


Calvin Lessa and Rick react to and discuss season 6 episode 9 of Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards

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35 thoughts on “RICK REACTS: Game of Thrones 6×9 “Battle of the Bastards”

  1. Hey team calvin , sansa didn't tell jon about baelish because she knew jon would never agree to work with baelish (he betrayed his father for that he hates him) sansa knew that no matter what we do rickon is dead so don't let ramsey provoke you but he did get provoked and charged first , also sansa wanted jon to wait so the knights of vale could arrive but since jon wanted to save rickon (which she didn't wanted to since she knew he is dead already no matter what we do considering how ramsey is) so he hastly started the war and lost it , if you think about it jon lost the war it was sansa's wit that saved him , sansa was the mvp here and was actually the one who wasn't get carried away by her emotions .

  2. I heard alot of hate for the reactions to R & L here so I thought to write this , just stop watching if you dislike the more you interact the better for them dumdums , They don't care if you Dislike threw comments doesn't do anything, as long as there is views and a large number of comments.
    I agree it's not a positive reaction and the jokes are in bad taste it should be considered a review basically not a reaction. That's my opinion as a Super GOT book and show fan anyways. I subscribed for Eric's Reactions mainly then , Calvin's this was considered Real Reactions this is well sorry to say Channel filler and not a good one at that.

  3. Rick is and Leesa are idiots when it comes to Game of Thrones. They are watching it all wrong. Yes, GoT is loosely based on actual historical events, but so what, it's a fantasy show. Myths and legends generally play a big part in a lot of fantasy, and GoT is no different. We're actually watching the building of the legends of Jon Snow the Bastard of Winterfell, Brandon Stark, the Three-Eyed Raven, Daenerys Targaryen the Dragon Queen, the Mad Queen Cercei, Jaime Lannister the King Slayer, Arya Stark the Faceless Assassin, Sam the Slayer, Brienne the Beauty, etc. We're watching their stories become legend and myth we're seeing the building of the Song of Ice and Fire. There is no historical accuracy. It's all about perception, that's why the books are broken down into individual points of view. We only get to see one person's perspective of a very large picture. Varys even said that power lies where men think it lies and that everything else is smoke and mirrors and lies. That was a big clue for the viewers, but Rick and Lessa missed it while they were busy being historical accuracy snobs. Sucks to be them. It's a great story and they are missing it.

  4. Honestly watching the original blind wave crew and then Calvin going through game of thrones was awesome , these Lessa and Rick reactions have completely turned me of, if they are in the new season reactions I won't be watching this channel.

  5. is this a fucking reaction//Blind wave,its been 3 years that m following your reactions and feels so great but now i cant stand these two rick and lessa reaction .suchh a sick guys ….plzz donot include them in your season 8 reaction plzzz sir

  6. As I type this the dislikes are currently just four behind the likes for the video. Just about a 50/50 split and trending to be more dislikes than likes in very short order. So with that said I think it's fair to propose that despite the hate, this reaction series should continue through season 8. Let Rick and Lessa do season 8 on their own, for all the people who like their take. Because there obviously are some that do. And for everyone else who are bummed by the prospect of Rick ruining the regular crews reactions to season 8, it gives the perfect reason to keep him away from those. Let Calvin get away from them and back on with people who actually like the show. Let them do their ultra critical, negative, emotionless schtick for the people who want that sort of thing. And let those of us who fell in love with this channel because of Eric, Calvin, Aaron, Melanie and Shane's reactions to GoT have that again, for the final season of the show. Sound fair?

  7. so I had take sometime before writing my opinion, because if I would have done it in the moment, I'll just be angry as Rick haha, but now that I have think about I can respect his opinion even more, after all I remember when I watched this episode I was mad at John too, just charging at the other army alone, letting his army to get surrounded like that, from a strategy point John was horrible, but the episode as a whole with that magnificent battle was amazing and that keep me engaged, besides I have to remember that this is a fantasy show, it has some great roots in reality, specially in the first two seasons but now it has gone full into the fantasy, and from that perspective it was quite epic.

  8. 16:4817:18 …. Calvin is clearly a Jon Snow fanboy XD But Rick is right ! Jon did nothing to win, but he did everything to lose ! Instead of riding back to his forces and prepare for the attack, like it was planned, he charged alone into an army and forced his men to follow him.

  9. Lessa and Rick- you just need to go watch something else. Something you visibly enjoy. Because I could not be more tired of your constant idiotic comments ripping every single frigging scene of the episode apart. I've only been watching these reviews because Im a huge fan of the show but I get it already- the shows not perfect. No one ever professed it to be. It has its flaws. Every show ever made does. But for Christ's sake- just sit and enjoy the friggin spectacle of it once and while and try not to be obnoxious snobs about every damn scene. you are entitled to your opinion about anything, but I am so glad this review series is nearing an end. Poor Calvin literally looked like he hated his sister and Rick here and i don't blame him at all. And yes I am a Patron of Blindwave and enjoy much of their other content.

  10. I'm a Patreon subscriber and I've been watching Blindwave since the beginning. Blindwave is my favorite channel on YouTube. Rick is good people and has his place with the crew and a right to his opinion 100%. That's not my issue. I just hate the off the cuff jokes he does at key moments in all his reactions. It seems he does not like this show and sh*its on the fans and the reaction audience. It takes you out of the moment and you just have that negative energy added to the video because of it. There is zero excitement and the chemistry is way off with that group (That's not on Calvin). I feel bad for Calvin you could tell he was disappointed by the demeanor of these 2 thought out the episode. Its getting to the point were the channel is loosing its charm. It used to be 4 friends reacting to S**t I also liked to watch. I was always interested in their opinions (good and bad) and knowledge about the shows and they always seemed invested in the stories and characters and now it just seem like a business. Just pumping out the content. The only reason i'm still paying is to support the OG crew. Eric is the best. That mofo always makes it worth watching the channel.

  11. Sorry I have watched every episode up until this episode I love you guys but I must say I’m disappointed in the review.for you guys to say this was not a great episode is definitely your opinion and I respect that,but the spent a ton on this episode and if my memory is correct this was the most expensive episode to date of game of thrones.the Jon snow battle scene alone received several awards.anyway I might watch the next one I haven’t made up my mind yet.but thanks guys for your time reacting to it nevertheless.

  12. They would be great writers who would save this show cause it did lose its logic and mann they gonna hate season 7 …
    👍🏽 smart people with unique prospective
    Tho season 6 still great to me but many flaws in its logic

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