RICK REACTS: Game of Thrones 6×5 “The Door”


Calvin Lessa and Rick react to and discuss season 6 episode 5 of Game of Thrones The Door

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34 thoughts on “RICK REACTS: Game of Thrones 6×5 “The Door”

  1. See what happens when you go wandering around alone, Bran? The Night King tries to molest you, and then it really gets bad.

    RIP, everyone in the tree except Bran and Meera. Especially Hodor and Summer.

  2. I like these two, but they're not very good for react videos. Especially the girl, she doesn't like getting emotional and tries to deflect either by changing the subject or laughing every time she gets emotional. But I'm very impressed by her intellect.

  3. hodor death was like the only death in the show I legit cried for, you find out how bran accidentally made him what he was then you go thinking of the other times he was scared and bran worged into him thinking he could of thought this was when he was gonna die. his backstory is tragic and his whole life was leading to this moment and he gets a very heroic death

  4. The night I watched this I was wearing my Hodor, "Hodor." shirt. I finished the episode then went to a nearby gas station. The clerk was like Oh I love Hodor hes my favorite!! I cant wait to watch tonights episode! (reads my face) Oh no?!? what happened?!? Oh no?!

  5. @46:08…I doubt you are going to see this but once again you confidently spread fake news…A god of death is included in the 7…The Stranger…the acolytes that follow this religion are all women? Been a minute since I've read the books…Yep, looked it up…they are called the "Silent Sisters".

  6. Since Less and Rick haven't really seemed to pick up on any of the Lyanna scenes and had no background information on the Tower of Joy that most fans did when they watched season 6, I'm wondering how they will receive the season 6 finale reveal. It's good to have a refresher on the Lyanna and Rhaegar and it's part in the Roberts Rebellion, even if you don't specifically mention the theories surrounding that.

    Calvin is having a lot of trust that they will remember scenes from the earlier seasons when that it revealed where they dumped a lot of hints and information.

  7. I never really understood people wanting to put Hodor's condition solely on Bran. Bran didn't really know what the hell was going on. He had Meera's screams to take over Hodor coming through into the vision, and he had the Three-Eyed Raven telling him to do what she said. So, while Bran was the one who actually did it, he was acting based on what others were telling him to do.

    Oh, as for what happened to Hodor, this has always been my understanding (not claiming to be 100% right, but it makes sense if you pay attention to what all happens when): Bran skinwalked into present day Hodor while close to young Willis in a vision of the past. Vision Bran being so close to vision Hodor (Willis) while he skinwalked into adult real world Hodor from withing the vision created some sort of mental bridge between past and present Hodor. Because of this, young Willis experienced everything that Hodor experienced at the very end of his life. If you pay attention, the seizure begins when the wights are attacking Hodor, and the seizure ends after Hodor dies and the connection is severed.

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