Prey – Original Game Soundtrack – “Mind Game”


Song Name: “Mind Game”
Composed by Raphael Colantonio, production and electronics by Matt Piersal
Album: Prey Original Game Soundtrack

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There’s a decidedly more upbeat tune that plays from the alarm clock in the very beginning of the game, waking Morgan Yu up for a first day on the job at TranStar. “Mind Game” is fresh and hopeful, but of the slight hint of uneasiness to it is enough to make you wonder if it’s foreshadowing something sinister. This catchy synthwave jam just happens to be composed by Audio Director, Matt Piersall and Raphael Colantonio, Arkane and Prey’s Creative Director.

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Prey will be available on May 5, 2017, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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35 thoughts on “Prey – Original Game Soundtrack – “Mind Game”

  1. I kinda spoiled the game in my first 2 hours of play, I read a file where some scientists proposed putting human neurons (specifically mirror neurons) in Typhons since we can use theirs, and then I tried to escape on Alex's pod. "Stop the simulations, he's not the one" well fuck.

  2. Been listening to this since April and roughly daily. It's a great track that has me hooked, but I'm not sure why, 'cause it's not much of a proper song, being a synth track for a video game with hardly any lyrics and all. But this is the only stuff that I find good to listen to. Must be that bit towards the end…

  3. I honestly am baffled as to why this game holds the Prey name, seriously.

    The name retroactively helped and hurt the game, it helped in the fact that people wanted to see what it was after the disappearance of Prey 2 but then when they saw it was nothing like that hype-ass trailer they probably passed it over.

    I can't help but to think this was a Bethesda decision and not an Arkane one.

  4. When they say Prey 2017 had nothing to do with the original, but the canceled Prey 2 was about a middle aged space sheriff, and not a man around his mid to late teens, who's of Cherokee descent fighting aliens with Cherokee spirit powers.

  5. Here you go people. Flat earth dome (arboretum), fake reality (apartment glass / helicopter ride, flickering of the screen), your choices effect your reality (Morgans journey), good and evil (your group and the typhoon), purpose and meaning of life (January the operator), higher consciousness ("ascension and co" containers), third eye (psychoscope helmet), typhoon abilities (you can control your reality), implanted programmed dream state (neuromods), earth is a stage set (lighting and cameras behind the apartment glass), and many more. Bioshock 1, bioshock infinite, assassins creed, crisis etc. all have reality based facts in them. Have a look. YOUTUBE – FLAT EARTH ADDICT 05. GOOGLE IMAGES – CRYSIS 3 DOME.

  6. in the ending when Alex was speaking to the operators he described me (the player) as "it" , i was like "how despicable​, he describes morgan as just (it) and turned me into a test subject" until i moved the camera around and knew exactly what was happening and it blew my mind.
    you don't beat the mind game, the mind game beats you.

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