Pokemon Snap: Good Snaps! – PART 2 – Game Grumps


Arin and Dan gettin’ those good snaps!
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45 thoughts on “Pokemon Snap: Good Snaps! – PART 2 – Game Grumps

  1. I played this a bunch when I was a kid. You can lead that Beach Pikachu to the lightning-bolt surfboard with the apple-food and get shots of Surfing Pikachu, as well as cause Electrode to explode in the Tunnel area for some neat shots by throwing the food at them while they're stationary. You can also do this in the Tunnel to the Electrode at the end to open up a new map, The Volcano. The Egg in the Tunnel area can be hatched by leading the Pikachu over to it with the food and using the PokeFlute to cause it to Jolt and electrocute the Egg. This causes Zapdos to appear and power up the entire energy plant. The Diglett in the Tunnel moved when you took pictures of it, causing the Pikachu to follow. Keep taking pictures of it to see what happens~! There were also Lapras out in the ocean you could take pictures of. Take a few and they get closer and closer to the shore for better shots, the camera queens. There's a Scyther in the grassy area movin' around, as well as two Pikachu near the stumps by that grass, as well, though you need to use the Pester Ball to lure the Scyther out. Lots of stuff missed that you could go back and do if ever you wanted to do a third episode, gentlemen. Great work on another awesome episode, and thank you for pulling this game out of the mothballs, a lot of people loved this when it came out~!

    Fifteen-plus years later and I still remember that shit. Good god. O.o

  2. You wanna do 1more episode of this? Uuuh if I can get a different map. I wonder what would happen if you exploded that electrode in front of the wall of molten rocks in the 2nd stage. It might blow up the rocks.

  3. I'm not sure if it's my version of Snap, but Kangaskhan says 'Rhydon' when she puts out her arms after you throw something at her.
    I have this strange, sudden urge to name my next Eevee 'Ellen'…

  4. In the beach the yellow and pink thing with the thunderbolt on it was a surf board that you can lead pikachu to with a trail of apples, then they hop on and do a trick that's worth a lot of points if you can capture it. The twisted metal beams and pile of rubble in the tunnels course makes a picture on the wall of you lead I think the Elektrabuzz to the power generater, he'll shock it and a light will come on casting a shadow on the wall- If you take a pictuer of it it's a secret. Each course has a secret that you can take a picture of. On it's surface Poke'Mon Snap appears to be a shallow game developed just to cheaply grab 90's Poke'Mon fans' money, but if you dig a little deeper, it actually has more to offer than you would think. I think Arin would have enjoyed it more if he experimented with the apples a little more. I'm not that big of a Poke'Mon fan either, it was just a show I watched when I was a kid, but I still come back to this game once in a while.

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