Philadelphia 76ers Full Highlights vs Miami Heat | Game 1, Round 1 | 2018 NBA Playoffs


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39 thoughts on “Philadelphia 76ers Full Highlights vs Miami Heat | Game 1, Round 1 | 2018 NBA Playoffs

  1. B•I•G Ballr Ben @dam near≈7'tall💪,,🏀crossin' 🙀cats😿 u☝p like tha 1&only Answr!! &,I ddnt evn kno covington had a 2nd gig as a membr of tha Philly SWAT🏀👋🚱squad!! Ain't takin no mo Ls,,🚫❎,,bn handed any mor losses,getn str8 to tha"💍 🏆🔝🎯☑👊👏"!!

  2. Lol! The Sixers were traveling all over the place. Check out Convington when he shot the three ball @ 3:083:10. Dude didn't even bounce the ball before he switched pivot feet. Ahahahaha! He caught the pass from Reddick, switched pivot feet (without bouncing the ball); then, shot the three. Lol! Where they do that at!?

  3. Ben Simmons stinks, his footwork is terrible he slow as hell can't shoot barely rebounds. He can pass and he 7 damn feet. Just watch him!!! Media making people think he's better than he actually is.

  4. Can you imagine Simmons and Fultz with reliable mid-range shots? Fultz is almost a lock to get his shot back next season. We have a #1 pick as our starting PG and a #1 pick as our back-up PG, both downhill attacking guards who put the defense on their heels. To complement these two, we have five gunners on the outside. We're going to run the Heat out of this series, perhaps just because Joel won't play in it. He's great, but he slows down our pace, and against the Heat, pace is our biggest weapon.

  5. As a fan of basketball I just don’t see any team out east beating the 76ers in these playoffs the way that they are playing. The additions of Illyasova and Marco just seem to give them a little something extra that was missing to come off the bench.Those two along with Redick, Covington and Saric are lights out from 3. Throw in the defense and team ball sharing that goes on and they are simply an offensive juggernaut. When Embiid is back the defense will improve. No other center in these eastern playoffs outside of Hassan is going to give Embiid any type of work so he will be just as tough on D since he will be free to play extra help-side. Not saying it’s impossible but I just don’t see them going down in the east. They could have an interesting series with the Cavs but they have more firepower than the Cavs. Despite the fact Saric said he would prefer to avoid Lebron, I believe they could actually beat this version of Cleveland. Good luck to both teams fans but I say Philly in no more than 6 over Miami.

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