39 thoughts on “Pastrnak’s six points lead B’s past Leafs in Game 2

  1. and leafs fans said phaneuf was the problem at the last meeting. i wonder what the excuse is this time since phaneuf is not around. im a die hard bruins fan but at least with phaneuf in the mix, i had respect for the team. now i think this team is a joke. u have a big body like matthews yet that guy is pretty much a whimp; doesnt do any big hits, doesnt fight, forchecking sucks….like serious he`s what 6 foot 4 and he cant even use his body, its pathetic

  2. On pretty much every page pertaining to this series there are leafs fans making jokes about the marathon bombing, over getting slaughtered in a playoff series. Just goes to show how disgusting people from Toronto really are

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