Overwatch: Hammond Havoc! – Game Grump


Just Arin and some hamster.
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50 thoughts on “Overwatch: Hammond Havoc! – Game Grump

  1. this is adorable. I love that Arin pretty much forgot he was doing a show by the end. XD Love seeing more Overwatch, and seeing Arin play it (and Hammond) is great.

  2. Left control wasn't new to Hamond. It was the crouch button. For as much as he claims to play overwatch, how do you not know about the most common crouch button in nearly every fps game on PC??

  3. i wish they wouldn't name the character wrecking ball, i hate it. I'm also disappointed that a hammond doesn't run around if the ball is destroyed. shit fucking sucks.

  4. I just failed my practical driving test for the third time in a row and me and my girlfriend have had a huge fight after her talking to another guy and all my friends canceled on going to lunch tomorrow with me so I’m going alone…so yeah not the best

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