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Episode 220 – We’re not really reviewing games this time. Instead we’re talking about special memories and stories surrounding our history with these games. We hope you like hearing about these as much as we like telling them! Do you have a great gaming story you’d like to tell?

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37 thoughts on “Our Gaming Memories – Game Sack

  1. Lol i like how u guys look for any opportunity to bring up woman who were in your life. Bunch of fucking nerd validation seeking faggots. Wow dude u made out with a girl. Wow be sure to mention girlfriends whenever u can. Jesus christ….

  2. I remember the time when I beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts for the first time after 3 years playing the game on and off. I remember it because had I not been able to get my megalixer off at just the right time, I would have lost.

    I got it off, saw that I had full HP/MP, and I started to wail on Sephiroth. I won that fight and the feeling was amazing. Square Enix was sadistic with optional bosses back then.

  3. I was sitting on this for a couple of days. Great idea and, of course, the execution was immaculate, as always. I'm down for another vid along with hopefully a part 2 to video game music.

  4. My video game memory: This was a year or two ago. I was playing the first Wizardry and I got to the final floor of the dungeon. To Werdna, even, and his vampiric lackeys. His TILTOWAIT destroyed my first party. In Wizardry, you would wish for a game over if your party got wiped. Instead, their corpses would remain wherever they died and you had to bring another party to fish them out. Of course, I couldn't get them, since they died in Werdna's office. Not without fighting Werdna. Now, the final floor is pretty much a straight shot, with a bunch of teleporters. The last one leading to Werdna's office is a point of no return. I was on the final floor grinding to build my levels up and to get loot, when I trigger a chest's teleporter trap…which puts me behind the point of no return. I don't have a spell to get me out of the dungeon, so I have to fight Werdna. Somehow he spawns with only one Vampire Lord and one Vampire. Although one of the vampires managed to paralyze one of my party members, my cleric managed to SILENCE WERDNA. He kept trying to cast spells, which made him not a threat anymore. My cleric turned the vampires, leaving it just my party vs. Werdna. I just bashed him to death since his physical attacks were weak and he kept trying to cast spells like an idiot.

  5. Probably the worst Game Sack episode of all time. Who is interested in this ridiculous personal nonsense? Get over yourselves pls and maybe focus on games, Game Sack.

  6. Back when I was a kid I played Doom so much that honestly I legitimately would often forget that I could look up and down in real life as I would be walking around places. 😆

  7. My greatest video game memory was in the 6th grade when Mike Tyson's Punch Out was the hottest game. No kid at school was able to beat Mike Tyson and the game was all anybody was talking about at recess & lunch. I did not own the game, but did borrow it and played Tyson several times using the code. I came close a lot to beating him, but could never quite pull it off… but that is not what I told all the kids at school!

    I claimed the title of being the first and only kid to beat Tyson and figured nobody would ever find out since I never had the game at my house when they came over. I basked in the glory for a few weeks until one day after a baseball game, we all went to a friend's house for dinner. This happened to be a friend who owned the game and I was immediately called to task by all the kids there. As you could imagine, it was an immediate butt clench moment as I knew I was about to be exposed in front of an audience. I continued to act like I had Tyson's number, hoping to at least make my attempt look competitive. My friend punched in the code and handed me the controller. 3 rounds later, that would be the day that I first beat Mike Tyson. I was shocked by the decision win, but managed to still act like it was just another day at the office while all the kids were in disbelief & awe that they just saw Mike Tyson lose (or that I wasn't completely full of sht).

    As I've run into some of those kids throughout the years as adults, I would reveal to them that I had never actually beat Tyson before that day and it always gets a laugh

  8. Don't worry Dave, every woman I've played Dr. Mario against has beaten me and I consider myself pretty good at puzzle games. The Mario All-Stars story is my favorite. What's up with the CG flame on that candle at the end? Is Joe not allowed to play with fire? Anyway, I have a story for you guys about Game Sack. A few years back, my wife and I split up before we ended up getting married. I was devastated and depressed. So for around four days straight I went back and watched all of the episodes of Game Sack in a row, which was over a hundred episodes at that time. Thanks for helping me get through a tough time.

  9. If I remember right Arnold palmer golf keep hitting the tree and after the 100 shots it's game over then think it's up up down down left left right right then a and you get a level of fantasy zone

  10. I think my fondest gaming memory involved Suikoden 2. I remember a long time ago, I remember my brother rented Suikoden for the PS1. I got to play it for about an hour and I was hooked, I was able to snag a used copy at a Babages for about 20 bucks. This was before Amazon or smart phones, and my house didn't have internet yet, so the only way to get it was through shops who knew how to gouge prices. I played the living hell out of Suikoden 1 and loved it. We didn't have a gamer mag subscription at our house, so I was never really able to keep up to date as to when the sequels came out. When I found out that Suikoden 2 was already released, I combed ebay to find out that the copies were way too expensive to own. (At the time, I think the price was hovering around 60 bucks or so. I was in between jobs, focusing on school, so it might as well have been 600 at the time) There was a local Gamestop I would check out from time to time. This was around the time when those guys were liquidating their PS1 stock to make room for more PS2 stuff. I was checking out their stuff, and lo and behold, a used copy of Suikoden 2 was sitting on their shelves for 15 bucks! I snatched it up and played the ever living hell out of it! I still have the copy to this day and I will never give it up because I have so many fond memories of that game.

    It also gave me the taste for rare game collecting. I started looking for hard to find and obscure PS1 titles and ended up with a pretty respectable collection. It's not huge, but I was able to pick up gems here and there for decent prices. My favorite being a copy of Valkyrie Profile for 50 bucks. If it wasn't for that game, I might have invested my money in other things…like stocks…or student loan payments. Money well spent if you ask me.

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