Our Game – Episode 1 – The Dream


Meet Jack Finley, the 14-year old son of Jeff Finley, former NHL player and current scout for the Detroit Red Wings. Jack plays Bantam Tier One hockey in Kelowna, and is facing an elimination game vs Kamloops.

Directed by: SJ Finlay http://www.sjfinlay.com
Produced by: Tyler Hinds
Soundtrack by: Andrew Judah

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6 thoughts on “Our Game – Episode 1 – The Dream

  1. Bigger is not always better. I go for speed and agility over pure size. If you can get a trifecta player that's awesome .But scouts out looking for size could really miss out on some top notch players. Plus some kids have late growth spurts…..my kid will barely be turning 14 when he is a second year Bantam.

  2. This whole series just showed me how different American youth hockey is from Canadian. Almost anywhere I play here in Michigan is big cities and the competition is kind of hard to judge.

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