OKC Thunder vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | February 6, 2018 | 2017-18 NBA Season


Oklahoma City Thunder OKC Thunder vs Golden State Warriors Feb February 6, 2018 2/6/2018. Full Game Highlights 2017-2018 NBA Regular Season Basketball

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31 thoughts on “OKC Thunder vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | February 6, 2018 | 2017-18 NBA Season

  1. If the Warriors win the title this year, I predict they'll lose in the playoffs in 2019. There's a reason why only Jordan's Bulls and Shaq's Lakers teams were able to three-peat during the modern-NBA era.. MJ and Shaq were two of the most dominant players ever. They sustained the Bulls and Lakers respectively with their presence year in and year out.

    Even Lebron and Kobe couldn't sustain their peak dominance for their teams for more than two years at a time. This Golden State team is very talented, but something tells me their arrogance will catch up to them in 2019.

  2. You people are blowing stank. NBA ain’t shit. I used to play street ball. One time a guy that you assholes never heard of named SkipToMyLoo (aka Rafer Allston) was supposed To show up on my home court for a three on three mix tape filming. I showed up three hours early, took a raw ass shit on the court, and went home. Fucked him up. I was and I am the best. They called me “Asshole Zigzag.” Fuk u

  3. Ahhh this was refreshing to see, my team getting their azz handed to them on a Golden platter. The Warriors are going into games on their name alone and thinkin teams are going to bow down. It's a shame tht only Durant showed up to play while the other guys just showed up. I miss the Splash Bros doing their thing but most important is I miss them out there having fun. Right now Curry is getting exposed by the
    Westbrook, Hardens n Cp3. He is good but overrated in my opinion but nevertheless very exciting to watch when he feels like playing. I understand what the defense is doing but there is no excuse for all the unnecessary turnovers. I feel he needs to bypass the all-star weekend to get his head together, some rest then come back and practice being good in the game on a consistent basis as opposed to just in practice. He needs to get better handles cuz his is mediocre at best. The team as a whole needs to get more energized and play with more passion because it makes no sense to get bear like they are. I don't mind the losses if they put forth an effort but when they are just slow footing it around and playing with no energy is a big problem. If Kerr has to get a technical to spark his team then thts a big problem also. Twice this yr Okc took it to them and embarrassed them so they should have already been hyped up. They need to get a true center cuz their starter is awful. They need to play Mc Gee in 5 minute spurts so if their outside shot is not falling, they can go up top plus they just need his energy. Also they need to team check Green cuz i love his play But he just doesn't kno when to shut his trap, it gets annoying. The team as a whole needs to go back to playing their game and stop with the ref nagging. Play Ball Warriors Play Ball..

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