NHL Highlights | Maple Leafs vs. Bruins, Game 2 – Apr. 14, 2018


David Pastrnak recorded a hat trick and added three assists to lead the Boston Bruins to the victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 2.

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29 thoughts on “NHL Highlights | Maple Leafs vs. Bruins, Game 2 – Apr. 14, 2018

  1. I thought Steve Dangle said Bruins fans were super nice people. I'm not getting that feeling from reading these comments. The series isn't over. Now there are two games at the ACC. To any Canadian reading this, do you not find it funny that the Bruins play in TD Gardens? Bruins fans don't know what the TD stands for.. The Bruins home arena is called Toronto Dominion Gardens. Anyways Leafs fans the series isn't over yet. There was a Bruins fan a little further down in the comments how thinks the Bruins will win in 3 LMAO….. Don't worry the Leafs will come back!

  2. Ok I understand what Boston fans are getting at and I know that we’re playing bad but you have to understand you guys are at home its an advantage to play at home you have more confidence as a player to play home and to see your fans cheer for you. When the bruins come to the acc trust me there going to have a hard time don’t think it’s over yet there is still 5 games left and the leafs are going to come out hot.

  3. The Leafs have been playing like that all year. They were 2nd in the league for team SH% and 2nd for team SV% with a mediocre CF%. That to me says they don't dominate the game enough 5 on 5 but rely too much on the accuracy of their shots and goaltending which tend to go down in the playoffs.

  4. Babcock outcoached again. Unless Babcock has a veteran team (DETROIT), or a goalie who stands on his head (ANAHEIM ) his playoff teams are lost out there. Toronto is working on 52 years since they drank from the cup. Good thimg the hall of fame is in toronto, that way they can see what it looks like.

  5. Okay, let me get some jokes out of the way.
    1. Make it 51 years and counting, only 3 away from tying 1994 New York Rangers for all-time drought record.
    2. Patrick Marleau #12, I REALLY hope that extra $1.5 million a year for 3 years of this was worth getting blown out in your first two playoff games as a Leaf.
    3. Auston who? Where is the Desert wonder?

  6. I'm a Leafs fan and I will be the first to say that we need a new goaltender. Yes, the defence is awful, but people always defend mediocre Leaf goaltenders by saying it's bad defence. The goaltending is just as much to blame as the defence. I'm getting tired of the excuses. Andersen called out his team this year and he consistently steals 1 game and then has 4 bad ones. He's a huge part of the problem. I'm sick of all of the fans saying that Andersen is a "Vezina calibre goaltender". Stop saying it. The other teams are laughing at us. He doesn't even rank top 25 in GAA, he is tied for 17th in save % and he only broke the franchise win record because we no longer have ties and he played more than other goalies in the past. "But he's had the most shots against" his fanboys say but he still has a 2.80 GAA. That is not Vezina. That is not good even on a team with bad defence.

  7. Mismatch! Toronto playing a soft game so far. Can’t bring soft stuff to a hard party leafy leafs. I think I saw Matthews by the cheap beer stand between periods if anyone else was wondering where he was

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