SSundee and the gang try to not get killed by…CHRISTMAS?!
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41 thoughts on “Minecraft: CHRISTMAS MURDER | MODDED MINI-GAME

  1. I got an item idea
    So you know the ghost ability that annoys the crap out of you?
    You should get a ghost buster ability for the killer that teleports the ghost as far away from the killer and keeps them frozen there for 10 or 15 seconds! Like if you agree

  2. Hey SSundee I think that there should be a cloud trap of some sort when you trigger the trap and the killer permanently has a "cloud" of white particles around them not only blocking the viewpoint (somewhat) but also can trick them to make it seem that they are always close to someone, which is OP, so I think it should be 4 nether warts, so the same cost as a resurrection stone, I also think that you should remove that the Jumpscare trap freezes you and make it like an Infrared Vision trap, but as a burst, so it shows you all of the hiders locations for 3-4 seconds. Also the Flashbang should have more of a slowness and less of a blindness effect, maybe a Nausea trap too? A snowball but doesn't stun in place or blind. Thanks, btw loving the murder runs.

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