Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game Highlights | Feb 23, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18


Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game Highlights | February 23, 2/23

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39 thoughts on “Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game Highlights | Feb 23, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18

  1. Why are the Raptors even allowed to play in the NBA? It is like the National team of Canada is playing against our teams in the USA. Can you imagine if Spain or Greece was allowed to play as a team in the NBA? Just kick them out of the league! Fucking arrogant Canadians. And please don't forget to bow down to the Greek Freak King Giannis.

  2. OMG,OMG Giannis is the REAL DEAL, He LITERALLY took over. THEY CAN TAKE THE EASTERN CONFERENCE. They have every tangible.
    Keep that starting 5 they way it is, dont change shit. They bench is deep.
    What better Veteran to have on your team then the Jet. Jason Terry will be the reason they when that ring. They literally have a coach on the floor. It dont matter that Kidd gone because you have JT on the floor and on the bench. He got that ring already. He got that playoff experience.
    Giannis is that X-Factor. He 6’11 with a crazy wingspan. Can play all 5 positions LITERALLY. Handle, he developing a jumpshot that can stretch to the 3and he STRONG 💪.
    Kris Middleton is a walking bucket. That boy Jumper is serious. His game reminds me of young Hawks Joe Johnson. He mad slow and meticulous.
    Everybody new what that got with Eric Bledsoe. He is a reliable PG, that plays DEFENSE and has SIZE. That can average 18ppg if necessary because he’s done it already on the Suns. Would have done it on the Clippers but they started Chris Paul.
    Jabari Parker is that 👊🏽 they needed to go from Semi-Finals to obvious Eastern Conference CONTENDERS. He obviously can start but that off the bench 👀.
    Henson & Maker, complement Giannis great but from 2 different angles. They both rim protectors but Henson is more inside and Maker stretches outside. So depending on what you need at that moment. You got it.
    Next few years, the East gone look like the West frfr. Especially if Lebron dont leave. Celtics, Cavaliers, Raptors, Bucks, Philly will be future powerhouses.

  3. Two things stood out. De Rozan is not a closer… I've seen him choke a couple times when taking that shot. Also, Giannis has started sinking shots now… everyone should be very afraid.

  4. i dont think anyone’s worried about the bucks, they played as well as they possibly can and we’re shooting extremely well. the raptors played like ass and only lost by 3, that says something.

  5. Raptor fans have to be the most annoying group of NBA fans… all they do is complain and talk shit. Refs weren't even that bad honestly, there was bad calls both ways. You can complain all you want about the JV call, they wouldn't call that at that stage of the game.

  6. It doesn't bother me that the Raps lost, the Bucks played extremely well and it was a fun game to watch….but those refs need to open their damn eyes or look for another job. Why do refs get to dictate who wins now days? I see that shit a lot.. starting to wonder if the NBA is fixed…..

  7. Sure, refs were bad…can't deny that. But they missed calls on both ends, and didn't favor either team. Raptors fans should not be complaining, especially considering all the help from the refs they got in the 1st OT game this season and last years playoff series. Refs have ALWAYS favored toronto against the Bucks (especially derozan), it was nice to finally see equal ground…although i would much rather see legitimate officiating. Can't blame the refs on the loss though…thats just crap.

  8. Man, you Raptors fans complain about the refs EVERY time you lose. The Bucks shot ONE more free throw than the Raptors all game, and the Raptors made one more free throw than the Bucks did. The Bucks were called for 24 personal fouls, the Raptors 21. Want to know why you lost? You shot 9-34 from 3 and went into hibernation after scoring the first five points of OT. Take the loss and move on. Christ.

  9. Raptors fans gotta be so salty all the time… I guess when you continue to have great seasons, then choke in the playoffs you get a little butthurt.

  10. canaida [ i know.tom hanks pronounced it that way ] got a real hard ass lookin coach i bet them dudes shovel a lot of snow cut and stack a lot of wood and rob a lot of maple trees [ and pull the sled by themselves!!]

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