Miami Heat vs Orlando Magic – Full Game Highlights | February 5, 2018




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22 thoughts on “Miami Heat vs Orlando Magic – Full Game Highlights | February 5, 2018

  1. i remember few weeks ago when people were hyping up the Heat and saying they the best team on the east and now they fell to the 7th seed and getting beating by the fuckin Magic lmao

  2. Erik spoestra need to change a game plan fast n get Demaro Carrol fast along with couple of good players. But why not get D, Wade back cause is the key, Miami is lacking leadership right here, that's why they keep loosing so many games lately, common guys bounce back cause yo know yo identity

  3. Why the fuck would the ball be in the hands of Clank Winslow at the end of the game? Not even to pass the ball in should the ball be in his hands. Fucking Clank Winslow. He threw the ball into 3 Orlanfo defenders with Dragic wide open under the basket.And before that he turned the ball over of the dribble. I can't stand this guy anymore. He's undersized for how he plays. Misses lay-ups all the time. Can't make a jumper when it matters to save his life. He needs to go.

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