24 thoughts on “Metal Gear Dies

  1. Holy shit, THANK YOU, Dunkey. I rented this game and it was my first experience with any Metal Gear Solid game. I am happy to know that the previous games are good, but damn, I was so excited since, hey, this is a highly praised franchise, how bad could it be? HORRIBLE. It was downright HORRIBLE. Thank you for putting my rage into words. The only thing missing from this video would be a little bit more discussion about just how fucking terrible that split-personality AI bitch is. Every time I got a tutorial or a notification from them, I wanted to end it all.

  2. Me:Games not shit if you take the time and play it like it's title states a "survival".
    Donkey: (h)wət it's not metal gear solid (h)wət it's a survival game (h)wət I need to git gud and make it past the first map (h)wət the first map is a starting zone (h)wət tutorial zone you say I'm just that bad fuck your right.
    Me: I think you should stick with normal games survival seems to just not suit you so don't play games like dayz, 7 days to die, arma mods, ARK SAME FOOD AND WATER STATS ,I luv you donkey and want your babies but you still have to git gud for not living on a survival based phone game not that hard man………………
    face palm ninja gaiden tutorial came right out of the console and killed the strategy guide in front of my eyes!
    (>_<)here is a bunny I hope it makes you feel better. He likes carrots and lettuce, plz give him lots of hugs.

  3. I know alot of people may not agree but…. I just… I just wanted Metal Gear Rising 2: Grey Fox… I didn't trust them with "Solid", but God damnit "Rising" was doable!

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