Mario Tennis Aces: A Couple Of Tennis Boys – PART 2 – Game Grumps


Two boys. One tennis.
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46 thoughts on “Mario Tennis Aces: A Couple Of Tennis Boys – PART 2 – Game Grumps

  1. Arian seems to be getting a bit more anger like. It's probaly dirving people away. I stopped wtaching for a while beucase I noticed a year ago, probnaly when you started smoking weedon set? Also too Nitendo games are so the same that now the netalga is getting old. We don't need to see another Mario Tennis or Mario Soccer.

  2. And yet again we see another example of Arin doing the tutorial and still not getting the most basic principle of charging the shot before it hits to gain power meter and do the golden shots that he keeps complaining about how they do it…..

  3. Arin: Dan, I can't believe you missed that! You have to do better than that!
    Aron proceeds to not spilt the court and let everything go by him, stating there is nothing he can do, while Dan futilely attempts to squeak out a victory by simply beaning his opponents with the ball

  4. 1st episode: Ugh, tutorial? Let’s skip this!

    2nd episode: How did they do that??? If only there was SOME WAY the game taught us how to do unique moves!

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