Madden NFL ’94: How Do You Football – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS


Dan and Arin are playing what is possibly the greatest football game of all time.
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29 thoughts on “Madden NFL ’94: How Do You Football – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS

  1. Somebody point me where I can learn what the fuck is going on here because I've never been interested in football but I'm suddenly intrigued at how fucking complicated this shit is

  2. Dan knows sports and music like I know Final Fantasy. And the amount of time I've spent on FF to know what I do is scary. Says a lot for Dans talent

  3. Something funny about the devil rays and the show Sea Quest DSV (if danny and Arron see this) is that Lucas Wolenczak (played by Johnathan Brandon) Had a devil rays jersy on one episode that said they won the World Series the year they were founded and that year they actually did–the show was filmed months before.

  4. It's times like these when it seems like Arin has to be trolling. I understand not knowing about sports in general or specific rules and stuff, but football is one of those things where its prominent enough in our culture that you at least understand the basic objective of it. Like most competitive team sports, the goal is to score points. It's not that complex. But the way Arin reacts, it's like he is barely aware of what a football is. I feel like I know more about Rugby, a sport that has little to no space in our culture nor have I seen a single moment of it ever, than Arin seems to know about football. How do you not know that a pass play involves passing the ball or that a run play involves running?

    It's times like these when he just comes off as really dumb.

  5. Arin's description of sports being a bunch of standing around waiting for something to happen is exactly why I don't like football. It's just boring to me because you spend more time watching the refs and coaches running around than actual gameplay. I guess that's why I like basketball and hockey more, because they are a lot more fast paced. Watching football live on the other hand is strangely interesting to me, but even then, it all comes down to how closely matched the teams are.

  6. I really hate it when people who I've never played Madden before in their lifetime for some reason beat you like it's nothing. You can't even create a strategy against someone who's never played Madden before. It's infuriating

  7. Sòooo anyone else as much as me like Dan how in the actual fuck do you know know when 8 somrthing teams were founded n the exact year over 2 different sports too rapid fire… he didn't even stop think for a second just dodgers founded 1976 May 4th was a beautiful day pretty sure it was bright n sunny b.c i was at the beach wit my gal I was reading the paper… it read… Dodgers form new team hot off the press. haha Dan is ridiculous

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