49 thoughts on “Lord Finesse – Hip 2 Da Game 1995 HQ

  1. Why is everyone in the comments dissing Mac Miller? He even said in an interview that Big L is the reason he started rapping, and Lord Finesse was Big L's mentor… both Finesse and L have tight ass music tho

  2. Listen I'm 27 and 90's Hiphop is all I know and ever will know in the Hiphop world! I see people on here talking about this Mac Miller kid, so I YouTubed him and in fairness he isn't as whack as some of these other mumbling bitches but still shit! But 1k dislikes wtf is there to dislike!! The flow is sick the beat is smooth like silk and the video is top!! Can't beat it!!

  3. Finesse fell off thats what some figure, you better see mary blige and get the 411 nigga. Damn finesse how do you start a song off with that kind of 🔥. ✌🏽💯✊🏽

  4. dumb kid dont know shit about music …lord finesse is a legend …you need to check the time line we didnt have the iphone back in the days …my point is we got plenty of old school m.c didnt catch like it was supposed to be so …classic…

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