Left in the Arcade 5 – Game Sack


Episode 208 – We take a look at some more arcade games that were never ported to play on home consoles or computers. These are great games, they should have come home!

Left in the Arcade playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjOsBJoP38YhsFtByLttkTAtY72ooZ-72

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38 thoughts on “Left in the Arcade 5 – Game Sack

  1. What other arcade games that never got ported to a home platform should we check out? Oh and that we didn't already cover in the other Left in the Arcade episodes (playlist link in the description).

  2. When crime Fighters title screen scroll across the television I just shook my head I remember that game I used to go play it at some bowling alley back home… As far as that martial Masters game… That game probably came out around the same time as Mortal Kombat for which to me in my eyes marked the demise of the fighting jonra Tekken and the Marvel vs. Capcom series kept it alive a little bit but at that particular time that is when we had Fighters fatigue… I second that I think I'd Mark the decline at Killer Instinct 2

  3. Aww man Martial Masters, that game is sooo overlooked its crazy. I guess because it never got a home port. Yea the graphics are great, definitely has SF3 levels of animation, and it plays like a dream too. The only thing bad about it is that the music is honestly terrible fr the most part, so bad that i honestly prefer turning the sound off. Glad to see the game get some recognition tho, it deserves it.

  4. Been watching you guys for about a year, and I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for making these videos. You two, along with Metal Jesus and his co-hosts, are the top two gaming channels to me. No schtick, just buds talking about games. You've exposed me and tons of other folks to obscure, underrated, or just plain old good games from varied genres and systems, and when I can track them down (legitimately or not) I love giving them a playthrough. Keep up the good work!

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