LeBron James vs Marcus Morris Game 1 ECF Duel Highlights (2018 NBA Playoffs) Cavs vs Celtics – SICK!


LeBron 15 pts 9 ast, Morris 21 pts 10 reb Full Highlights | Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics – Game 1 | Eastern Conf Finals | 2018 NBA Playoffs
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50 thoughts on “LeBron James vs Marcus Morris Game 1 ECF Duel Highlights (2018 NBA Playoffs) Cavs vs Celtics – SICK!

  1. Fuck you lebron,the defense of raptors is very weak ,now you face a very talented coach ,show your talent lets see if you can do,you are bullshit greatest player if cavs cant beat celtics this series

  2. I am sorry, but how exactly did morris shut down lebron? Cause i did not see how.Now, i did ser that lebron wasnt as active as normal, but that was a matter of personal choice and not of outside influence.

  3. It Happend in 2011 where bulls took game 1 vs the heat and looks unstoppable then lost 4 str8.
    It Happend in 2012 where Okc Took game 1 then lost 4 str8.
    But my prediction in this series
    Celtics will go up 2-0 then Lost 4str8. Just a Prediction.

  4. Tell me when Cavs were relevant please…2yrs ago suspend Draymond to win….now this year give them 6new players mid season lmao they cant defend players that move constantly…FACT. Best Cavs team was with Mark Price and crew not the Nba give a ring guy. I bet he'll play 4 Houston next yr in trade for a bag of now & laters.

  5. Hmmm people assuming celtics would win hah lets see its just one game lmaooo you guys forgot about the pacers what they did to oladipo and the pacers hah eat ass you celtics fan lets just see how long you guys keep saying that morris is the bronstopper 😏

  6. The G.O.A.T.?! Lmao Was he playing the '85 Celtics? Or the '08 Celtics? Squads full of All Stars and HOFers? Seemed like it. Only 15 points against the '18 team who's best players are out and they maybe have a legit All Star in Horford. No HOFers at all. The rest all solid players/roll players. WEAK! Jordan, the G.O.A.T. could beat these Celtics single handedly! Kobe could too! LeBron is good but he doesn't know how to kill these teams by himself wen he needs to. He doesn't have that will to beat a solid team like this! This ain't LeBronto Raptors Mr. James!

  7. Morris looked good on both ends of the court. Glad Brad gave him the start & kept him in the game after the 2 fouls. He needed time to find his rhythm. Celtics defense has to keep staying on a string, that’s the only way to make it difficult for LBJ..

  8. The Cavs jus simply have the wrong line up starting they have to match up with the 2 swingmen Brown and Tatum it's not even about m Morris he should not be even checking lebron

  9. lebronf an boys. lebron was tired. um he had 4 days rest. leron fans boys: lebron need help. um the celtics lost 2 key dudes. lebron fan boys: lebron isnt taking this seriously. then dont compare him to MJ

  10. Here are facts.

    1. LeBron got locked down by Marcus Morris.
    2. Celtics beat the Cavaliers because LeBron got locked down and the Celtics have better coaching.
    3. LeBron can't win without proven superstar scorers to support his ass.
    4. LeBron still expects to be called GOAT even if he gets all the help he demands on a silver platter.
    5. Bronsexuals are tied with liberal snowflakes and rightwing nutjobs as the worst people you'll ever meet.

  11. Bro if anybody thinks the celtics have any type of chance winning this series don't talk to anybody about basketball and the thumbnail is so disrespectful. This is game 1 and it's 6 more to go against this dude. Chill out.

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