LeBron James on Game 1 loss to Celtics: ‘I have zero level of concern’ | ESPN


Cleveland Cavaliers’ star LeBron James expresses his lack of concern going down 1-0 to the Boston Celtics and shows off impeccable memory by reciting the play-by-play for several possessions.

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47 thoughts on “LeBron James on Game 1 loss to Celtics: ‘I have zero level of concern’ | ESPN

  1. Lebron ain’t trippin at all for losing game one because he used game one to analyze the offensive and defensive strategy of the Celtics. He knows he’s the only player on the court that can takeover the game alone but he’s studying in-game strengths and weaknesses for both teams.

  2. i really like seeing him loosing games – but as a person he seems to be a real nice guy. Same with Federer in Tennis – he was too good so i could not stand him winning all the time – but as a person he's a great guy. Same here – i just don't like cheering for the best guy or team.. weird.. maybe that's why i don't like GSW either?

  3. I feel like lebron is gonna lay an egg and give up on his team since is in a lose-lose situation. Even if the cavs beat the celtics, they will be crushed by the warriors. If I'm him, I'll take an L against the celtics to avoid another finals loss and save his legacy

  4. Some reporters need to really think their questions through. All they care about is getting a question answered so they can write about it. At least ask a good question, especially when he loses and has to figure out how to get everyone on the same page. It's like when someone interviews a music artist and the interviewer asks "How did you come up with your name?" when they could've just looked at all the other interviews where the same artist answered it 100 times. I know that's not a similar type of question, but it's a dumb question.

  5. Double team Lebron, force a ball rotation, make J.R., Kyle or Kevin take a three, and if they are missing, then the Cavs have trouble scoring, especially when they don't have a real rebounding presence under the basket, which is what happened in game 1. If their shots are falling in game 2, it will be a closer game.

  6. Almost all of the Cavs including LeBron couldn't buy a bucket, which is statistically anomalous and should naturally progress towards the mean at least. However, all of the Cavs looked like they were either tired or didn't care. They were watching Boston get all the loose balls, the rebounds, reaching steals, etc. Cavs need to play harder and better.

  7. LeSuit better be concerned with the way his team played they not beating the Celtics if LeBron gotta score 40+ every game to win if love korver hill Jr don't step up this will be a very short series imo

  8. Exactly why he'll never be better than Michael Jordan or kobe Bryant. He s smug and arrogant even when he loses. He s a great player but acting like your shit don't stink is not how you surpass mj TRUE greatness. Underestimation is why he lost in the finals last year.

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