Last Minute Of The 2018 NBA Finals Game 4 | Warriors vs Cavaliers


Finals and Last Minutes Of The 2018 NBA Finals Game 4 | Warriors vs Cavaliers Game 4 2018 NBA Finals June 8, 2018

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47 thoughts on “Last Minute Of The 2018 NBA Finals Game 4 | Warriors vs Cavaliers

  1. Im honestly not suprised cavs lost i mean, i give the cavs credit because this was a hard journey warriors have the top best players, so cavs fans better of enjoyed seeing the cavs make it to the finals because once lebrons leaves their screwed

  2. If lebron james humbled himself, kyrie irving would have not left, bec even though lebron is a strong player ,, still theres no way he will and can beat a good team like GS

  3. Boston wouldnt of gotten swept…. would've fought like hell too. Even Indiana would've made it more competitive. LeBroom is a big time quitter… MJ=GOAT

  4. Lets face it, the conference finals were the real NBA finals this year..that being said, Lebron's going to OKC to play with Russ, any questions?

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  6. Estifen curry y Duran son los mabalioso

    De las NBA Carlos Mendez sien larede
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  7. HAHAHAHA!!!! THE NBA IS SO BORING!!! I knew it. I didn't watch a single minute and I don't regret it at all. So let me guess what next year will bring. Cavs vs Warriors and the Warriors sweep again. How boring.

  8. I'm sick of hearing da injury excuse or not enough help for LeBron. Injured Kobe beat my Celtics n 7 games with messed up shoulder n a couple bruised n broken fingers so stop it please

  9. Why are people saying in these comments KD didn’t deserve his rings? Him and his teammates played the best basketball in the Nba. It’s not like they were playing against kids or something

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