Kansas City Chiefs vs. Pittsburgh Steelers | Week 2 Game Preview | Move the Sticks


Move the Sticks previews the Week 2 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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47 thoughts on “Kansas City Chiefs vs. Pittsburgh Steelers | Week 2 Game Preview | Move the Sticks

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers couldn't even beat the Browns. The worst team in the NFL and Steelers couldn't beat them. Chiefs aren't the Browns. Chiefs have weapons on both sides of the ball. Steelers don't underestimate the Chiefs

  2. I'm a Steeler's fan and have been one for thirty years, but there is something at this time wrong in Pittsburgh Offense and I would of bet on Defense being the weal link this year. until someone sets Big Ben and the offensive unit down and sobers them up they are going to continue to lose. they unfortunately are starting to believe their own press and own BS. Chiefs by 7

  3. Last year we came into Arrowhead against the then 5-0 Chiefs, who had beaten both the Patriots and Eagles, and just came off of a great offensive game against the Texans. The Steelers, meanwhile, were 3-2, and just came off of a 30-9 loss. All the analasysts, despite us crushing the Chiefs in 2016 43-14, and beating them by field goals in the postseason, predicted us to lose. Now the following season the Chiefs start 1-0 after a great offensive game, and the Steelers start 0-0-1. We will beat the Chiefs 24-16.

  4. man, what is wrong with people and the NFL. the Steelers blew it against the browns, WE GET IT. BUT DAM, ITS ONLY WEEK 1 AND ITS ONLY 1 GAME. WE see this with every team in the NFL. whether it be week 1 or week 10 it happens. a lot of people have Steelers winning AFC but since they tied Brown's they say they wont I even make playoffs. REALLY, let's see. 6 turnovers against the browns and still managed not to lose and still outgained the browns by 150 yards. They had about 500 yards with 2 recievers with 100 yards games, running back had 190 total yards, and the qb. with 300+ yards. the d had 7 sacks with one player having 4. of them. these are the numbers we expect from the Steelers so y is it people changed their mind. only thing I can think of is they must assume Steelers will turn it over 6 times a game. UNLIKELY. IF YOU TAKE THEM 6 TURNOVER Away THEN THE STEELERS HAVE 1000 YARDS.

  5. Ab will have a hell of a game. Conner will keep shinning. And our defense will make this high caliber chiefs offense look average. Juju will make some good plays along with James Washington.

  6. Chiefs all day Steelers without our bell and Ryan Shaizer doesn’t do well. Also with the locker room problems they have. And if Berry plays then Ron will be a stud saying that he plays hybrid like berry

  7. No chiefs fan should ever feel good facing pittsburgh because they have absolutely had our number. But I feel were getting the steelers at the right time and that maybe, just maybe, we will break their streak against us this sunday

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