Jalen Rose breaks down film of Celtics dominating LeBron James in Game 1 | Get Up! | ESPN


Jalen Rose breaks down film of the Boston Celtics dominating LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals.

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23 thoughts on “Jalen Rose breaks down film of Celtics dominating LeBron James in Game 1 | Get Up! | ESPN

  1. back to back 3 secccccccc calls on the plays he showed. the first one watch smart and listening to jalen rose " he stood the whole play" lol lol lol lol lol lol that 3 sec even thompson got out the line before him then baynes on the second one do the same thing like now i see why they #1 in Defense

  2. Lakers next season or 2019 if they can pull off a trade for Kawhi Leonard-
    PG — Lonzo Ball
    SG — Paul George
    SF — Kawhi Leonard
    PF — LeBron James
    C — Julius Randle

  3. It's as Jalen says, Lebron knows he's beat so why put forth the effort. Lebron apologists would say he does this to study the opposition. I say he just really doesn't have it, the assassin mentality, like a Kobe or Jordan. They won't just lie down and take the L, they'd at least put up a fight. They wouldn't give up a win just to "study the opponents". They're wired to win every game at all costs.

  4. People are so mad lebron is the greatest and that he plays for his hometown of Ohio. Hop off his not sack. He can really just retire in all actuality.

  5. Imagine if these sports talk show did a small segment on lebrons defence. It would expose how bad of a defender he is. He takes 80% of the whole game off on d. Reserves his energy to score and everyone praises how great of an all around player he is. Ive never seen great players ever pack it in eventhough the guys around them aint that good. Just watch lebron, if the teams losing, his body language literally says " fuck it" and gives up on his team

  6. Typical Cavs just standing around also just staring at Lebron. No one crashing boards, no one taking advantage of all 5 celtics in AWE just staring at Lebron and running a back cut to get open. Nope. Nothing. Glad I didn't watch this game. I'm a Cavs fan but I really do like Brad Stevens and the effort and hard work every Celtics player gives EVERY NIGHT! Wish Lebrons supporting cast could do the same.

  7. cavs lack of off-ball movement is why they’re getting smacked.. Stevens knows cavs don’t move around much plus you can see his game plan was to avoid a mismatch with LeBron and to constantly attack him on defense. You can see it when Rozier happens to be guarding LeBron so they make the quick switch to avoid the mismatch plus Celtics have amazing young talent along with the other role players alone make a great team add on Stevens and you’re looking at the future of defence in this team.. this series will be a chess match between LeBron and Stevens

  8. Unlike the previous two series, this series is going to truly test LeBron and the Cavs. The Pacers have one star then the talent dropoff is dramatic. The Raptors had two good but not great players and a bunch of young guys, and their coach couldn't make up the difference. The C's have home court, length, versatility, athleticism, discipline, and a coach who usually makes the right decisions.
    Game 2 should be interesting. I expect LeBron to try and attack early and often. If the C's stay disciplined, they should win. If not, the Cavs' shooters could torch them.

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