JAG vs SKT (LONGEST GAME EVER IN LOL) Game 3 – LCK Spring 2018 Week 1 Day 4 – Jin Air vs SKT T1 G3


JAG vs SKT Longest Game Ever in LoL History! 94:37 Min, with the record of CS +1400cs! The Game of Records!
JAG vs SKT Game 3 – LCK Spring Split 2018 W1D4 – Jin Air vs SK Telecom T1 G3 – LCK Spring 2018 Week 1 Day 4. Enjoy!

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48 thoughts on “JAG vs SKT (LONGEST GAME EVER IN LOL) Game 3 – LCK Spring 2018 Week 1 Day 4 – Jin Air vs SKT T1 G3

  1. After watching Faker's streams for a while it is NOT surprising he got caught again and again like that in pro play by teleporting IRRESPONSIBLY. Seriously he does this all the time on stream, time to go back, bam just tele anywhere. Don't even look for a safe place etc. He might be a mechanical genius, but this will bring down his team.

  2. Nice played by both, jag had just more op champs like sivir for def and orn for tank… so hard to take them down, there u dont see skill, there u see counters, imagine if bang had sivir and teddy ezreal, the things more different, Jag won with the pick

  3. In some way, seems that Skt T1 is not the same team like 2015 with MaRin. They're was incrible strong on that campagne. After Huni get in till today, don't seems to be so strong like in the past. But they still very good. Just not like once they were.

  4. Azir don't make rabadon upgrade, its a better upgrade of the all !!! zoonia upgrade is a trash, AHHH I'M TOO ANGRY FOR THIS!! other thing IMAGINE IF SIVIR USED GATHERING STORM many possibilites !!

  5. everyone seems to forget that every roster shake up in lck doesnt perform well. give them time lol you'll be fangirling to skt just like you did with LZ if they bounce back. also I hope Jin Air keeps rising. no more sadplane

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