HOW IS THIS A KIDS GAME?! – Time Warp of Dr. Brain


Today we’re playing a retro game that I was gifted at 6 years old. It’s a weird one, but it’s fun and was certainly better than Reader Rabbit. This is The Time Warp of Dr. Brain, classic.

Get the game here: You can’td. It’s too old.
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46 thoughts on “HOW IS THIS A KIDS GAME?! – Time Warp of Dr. Brain

  1. My favorite game was the Aristocats game and I also had another about something similar to this. It read out my name and everything, and also was about aliens and outer space and brain stuff

  2. Can you please finish playing the game tattletail (the one with like the 5 days before Christmas thing. And the little animal thing looked like a furby, I think that's how you spell it, ) please also finish the robot that turned her self into a human!!!!!!!!!! I love 💘 you soooooooooo much Gloom/Kassy (sorry if I slept your name wrong i saw you spell it like that in a video once 😁😊😇😉😃😆😄😀😂😘😚😍😛😜😝😋😎😸😻🙊💩👭👯💃👸💘💗💋💖💕✌💟💛💚💙❤💓💜👅👄💞👍👙👑👠🔮🎆🃏🎸🎤🎼🎶🐱

  3. So crazy i have been here a couple of years and have seen Kassie grow and learn has been truly inspirational cant believe you are at 1 million subs ,well i can because who wouldn’t love you and your vids ?

  4. Can you play danganronpa? I know this comment is probably to late because the vid was posted 2 days ago but….but I still have hope that maybe Cassie can see this comment and considering playing this game because you don't have any other series ( other than doki doki literature club ) and if you consider playing it can you m..maybe do a blind gameplay? It's just me. But it would be more fun for all you non-danganronpa-fans to experience the world of danganronpa with Cassie

    ~Facts about danganronpa~

    Spoilers ahead
    1. There is a danganronpa anime that is called danganronpa: the Animation ps there is no danganronpa 2 anime there is just the games but an danganronpa 3 anime exists called danganronpa 3: the end of hopes peak high school

    2. It is an 17+ game+anime (to let all underage watchers know)

    3. Ugghhh I don't really have something to say here…..SORRY!

  5. My favourite game when I was younger was clicking the mouse and dragging it on the desk top making those Squares pop up because I didn’t know how to open internet explorer

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