House Greyjoy Confirmed Spoilers! – Game of Thrones Season 8


Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Update Video. There are some spoilers in this video so please proceed with caution. According to Watchers on the Wall and their sources they spotted Theon & Yara Greyjoy on set filming scenes together with some other Ironborn Men. They were filming in Banbridge Northern Ireland on a set with a ship and green screen so there is no telling what all they could be filming. Euron Greyjoy was not seen at that time but it doesn’t mean he won’t be there. The only thing this does confirm is Theon Greyjoy and Yara Greyjoy will meet again. Let’s just hope Theon and Yara can escape Euron and The Silence alive… Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks for watching! Giveaway link is down below..

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40 thoughts on “House Greyjoy Confirmed Spoilers! – Game of Thrones Season 8

  1. At the end, when the land of always winter thaws and the wall is dismantled, Winterfell will be the capital of Westeros since technically it will in the the centre of the fictional continent…. Discuss?

  2. Maybe I'm just hoping but after what euron (spelling 😂) saw at the dragon pit he's going to take the golden company and he's going to go to the north and not worry about Circe because what he saw at the dragon pit scared the s*** out of him. If they fight it will be for honor. I think that deep down he really feel sorry for his nephew that's why he's always cracking jokes about him not having a dick and he really doesn't care about the iron island throne after the dragon pit scene. He has always had his eye on the bigger picture he wants cersei's throne in King's Landing. But at the end of it all he is still a good leader. When he saw the undead none of the power matter because he still has to protect the people and himself because who wants to become a walking dead person he understands better than Cersei does. He comes off as selfish but he's not the same type of selfish as she is he had said he wants a kingdom to rule he doesn't want land full of dead people and having to constantly be under attack from a force that he cannot defeat The Walking Dead people just ain't regular in his eyes besides we already know that even if they do get married that baby won't survive so Cersei is just a waste of space and air she needs to die and the dead people need to be defeated no matter what. I think he's going to betray Cersei and let his niece and nephew go and if they fight it will be a one-on-one basically a show for their loyal subjects who will be watching and there's going to be a lot of s*** talking but he knows that he needs to use all arms possible to defeat the dead people in this family feud between them is really petty. in hindsight they can settle their differences later after the battle is won

  3. It makes me wonder if these are just the extra scenes that GOT may film to confuse the viewers. I hope this turns out to be true but Euron seems like such a big bad to defeat without someone dying..

  4. Hey talking thrones do you think Jon and Danny will be together knowing they are related or will they split having no intrest into each other. I would like to have them still together and if possible having them both survive but hey this is games of thrones which tells me am not going to get the ending I would like to see?

  5. So I think u made a theory about then dying and I think that will happen, but how will house greyjoy survive without a male heir? And the other houses that will probably end up with only girls surviving?

  6. Theon i think will spot eurons fleet heading out of black water bay and hele wait for cover of darkness follow the fleet and try and board the silence,i can see theon saving yara,but i think hele need to wait till euron leaves his ship at the port in essos,.

  7. I HATE seeing these videos of Theon as Reek! They hurt me to the core. I know he was an asshole when he took over Winterfell, but he did NOT deserve that sadistic treatment from Ramsay. I hope he has a happy ending. I don't want to see him get killed off. Maybe he can join the Unsullied and live out his life being a respected fighter.

  8. The only way I see Theon getting on the silence to rescue Yara would be if the silence were at Port and the crew vacated the ship to go to a brothel or something then Theon may have a chance. But most likely she's left at pyke because he needs all his space for the golden company.
    I definitely see Theon " growing his balls back" metaphorically speaking, and dying fighting euron so Yara may escape.

  9. Thanks for the updates! Glad they at least seem to meet up again. Theon seems to be back to his stronger self now, with renewed confidence, which is a big plus, especially trying to rescue Yara. Have a great Christmas.

  10. Great update video again… Thanks bud! You're doing a great job with this. On the topic, I really hope that they both don't die but I do think that one plot script that came out is going to happen and all 3 of them will although it would be nice to see Yara be Queen of the Iron Islands, especially since she was told that she never would be.

  11. I'm going to go out on a limb here and state that I think Yara and Euron are in all this together. We know Euron aspires to sit on the throne himself and he wants to marry Cersei, but I doubt he will want her sticking around once they're married. I think he'll want another Ironborn and who better than Yara, someone who is also ruthless.

    I think Theon will find all this out and have to try and stop his sister somehow. I think Yara will betray Dany/their alliance. Yara is ambitious and I have always doubted she just wanted Dany's support to become queen of the Iron Islands. Nope, Yara to me would not stop at that and who better to partner with than old uncle Euron? Theon will go to save her and be all brave, then discover Yara and Euron are in cahoots and Yara will tell him how pathetic he is and he'll be all crushed but ultimately kill her in the end.

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